Good Morning Australia!! - Fighting flares south of Tripoli - Europe is not guaranteed to support the UK's call to delay the Brexit - Jail for the Air Cocaine pilots - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo is showing off its one-month-old baby giraffe.  Yeah, I put it first.

Libyan government troops and fighters loyal to General Khalifa Haftar are fighting outside Tripoli, threatening to dunk the country back into civil war.  Haftar has repeatedly told western diplomats that he wants to take over as Libya's military leader, at least until a new prime minister is elected.  Backed by Russia and Egypt, Haftar's support comes from the east of the country, while a UN-backed government barely maintains control of Tripoli and some southern oil fields.  Much of the rest of Libya has been divvied up by militias and jihadists since the fall of Moammar Ghadafi in 2011. 

Days to go before the Brexit deadline:  France has reportedly won the support of Spain and Belgium in support of allowing the UK to crash out of the European Union this Friday, if Whitehall fails to come up with any workable proposals for an exit deal.  That's bad news for UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who has sought another delay from the EU while her government and the opposition utterly fail to agree to anything.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel is throwing her a lifeline, backing a short delay.  Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said it is "extremely unlikely" that the other EU leaders actually will veto a UK request for a delay at this week's emergency summit.  But Donald Tusk's proposal of a year-long extension, with an option to exit earlier on ratification of the withdrawal agreement, does not appear to be gaining much support.

A French court sentenced two former French Air Force pilots to six years in prison after Dominican Republic authorities found 26 suitcases stashed with 1,500 pounds of cocaine on board their plane in 2013, a case known as "Air Cocaine" in the two countries' media.  Pascal Fauret and Bruno Odos gained notoriety for jumping bail and fleeing the Caribbean country, and were eventually rearrested in France.  The DR tried them in absentia and sentenced them to 20 years each, but for now they are in trouble in France as well.

Iran is evacuating six more towns in flooded Khuzestan in the country's southwest.  The provincial governor said rescue teams spent Saturday taking residents to nearby shelters, including three army barracks.  Three weeks of heavy rainfall have left much of the country submerged and cost at least 70 lives.

The three political parties proposing a coalition to form Estonia's next government issued a statement condemning anti-Semitism and division - which seemed like a step to inoculate itself from criticism because one of the partners is the far-right, xenophobic Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE).  The party "whipped anti-immigrant and homophobic hysteria" to win votes in last month's election, say analysts.  The leader of the centrist party will be Prime Minister, if the coalition of center, right, and far-right is approved.  But the EKRE says it isn't putting aside its anti-immigration policies, nor Euroskeptism, nor will it stop opposing marriage equality and women's reproductive rights.

Hundreds marched in Turin, Italy to support a proposed high speed train line to Lyon, France.  It would cut the current length of the journey from seven hours down to 4.5 hours.  Italy could lose 813 Million Euros of EU funding if it doesn't start the next phase by the end of 2019 - but the ruling coalition is divided, with the far-right League supporting the project and the Five Star Movement opposing it.