Hello Australia!! - Joy in Zagreb, Disappointment in the UK after Croatia's win - Trump acts like an idiot at NATO - A German official might pay for his cruel joke - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Croatia defeated England in extra-time at the World Cup semi-final in Moscow, meaning that the Croatian team will go to the final against France on Sunday.  It started well for England which scored first; but over the course of the game Croatia had twice as many shots on goal (22), and more possessions as well.  Mario Mandzukic scored the winner in extra time, sealing Croatia's come from behind victory over England.  The final score was 2-1.

Donald Trump's bad behavior embarrassed himself and his country at the NATO summit in Brussels.  Many predicted he would go to Brussels with the intention of blowing up the summit; and he started out by lying about Germany's energy deals with Russia, saying the Germany buys 70 percent of its natural gas from Russia which he mischaracterized as making Berlin a "captive" of Moscow.  The truth is that Germany gets "up to" 70 percent of its gas from Russia, and gas makes up only 20 percent of Germany's energy consumption. 

Wrong Way

After temporarily making nice with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for an awkward photo op, Trump waited until she was out of earshot to start tweeting about the gas again and start demanding the rest of the NATO membership pay two percent of their respective gross domestic products in defense spending.  That was the agreement and most countries are on track to meet it.  Earlier, Merkel said, "I'd like to see the businessman Donald Trump not only look at the balance sheet, but at the output," adding that Germany contributed the second-highest number of troops to the alliance and has been its second-largest net contributor. 

Chaos at NATO:  Exactly what Putin wants.  Just sayin'.

German interior minister Horst Seehofer is under increasing pressure to quit after one of the people he joked about deporting killed himself in Afghanistan.  Members of the SDP, The Greens, and the Left parties are particularly angered, but even members of the center-right governing coalition are calling for his ouster - especially in light with his recent dust-up with Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Earlier this week, Seehofer joked that 69 immigrants were deported on his 69th birthday; one of them was 23-year-old Afghan Jamal Nasser Mahmoudi who was brought to Germany at a young age but who had racked up a few petty crime convictions.  After being deported to Afghanistan with no family, no ties, no job, and no prospects, Mahmoudi committed suicide in Kabul.

A German court convicted a nazi in the murders of eight ethnic Turks, a Greek citizen, and a policewoman between 2000 and 2007.  The conviction means 43-year old Beate Zschape gets an automatic life sentence.  Her two partners each committed suicide, and four co-conspirators got prison sentences of 2-1/2 years to ten years each.  The case ripped open Germany's complacency over fascists in its midst; police were unaware of the nazi terrorist cell and initially suspected Turkish immigrants - blaming the victim's communities.  The local media even referred to the killings with the racist term "donar murders", referencing Turkish kababs.  The cops didn't even discover the nazi terrorists until they tried to burn the evidence in 2011, setting their hide-out ablaze.

Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) says he will cancel the Navy's pending purchase of eight armed Lockheed Martin MH-60R helicopters from the United States government - a US$1.2 Billion deal.  The US didn't comment, but let's face it - someone is probably planning a coup, just look at Honduras and Venezuela.  Anyway, AMLO won Mexico's 1 July election in a landslide after campaigning on a  center-Left populist platform.  He'll be inaugurated on 1 December.

Mexico is loving these eight wolf cubs being raised at a zoo in Mexico City.  

International journalists trying to extend the Thai Cave Rescue story for another day were delighted when Thailand released video of conditions inside the cave during the rescue of twelve boys and their football coach.  Video of the kids being treated in hospital showed they were in good spirits. 

Japan is struggling to get aid into the areas worst-hit by flooding and landslides.  At least 179 people have perished as death toll continues to rise; it's the worst loss of life due to a storm since 1982.  Dozens are still missing. 

Uganda is reassessing a plan to tax people for using social media,and to put a levy on fianncial transactions made by mobile phone.  The plan was met with widespread public backlash and street protests.  Critics accused 75-year-old President Yoweri Museveni of trying to stifle dissenting voices.