Good Morning Australia!! - Glimpses of the global trade war to come - America's stunning incompetence in diplomacy is caught on camera - The government where women outnumber men - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The European Union will impose stiff new duties on 25 percent duties on up to $3.3 Billion worth of US imports, to counter the orange clown Donald Trump's unwarranted tariffs on EU steel and aluminum.  "The Commission expects to conclude the relevant procedure in coordination with member states before the end of June so that the new duties start applying in July," said European Commissioner Maros Sefcovic.  And unlike Trump, and his gnat-like attention span, the EU is in it for the long-haul:  If the trade war drags out until 2021, some of those EU duties will go up to 50 percent; and the field of goods subject to import tariffs will expand to $4.2 Billion worth of US goods.  But if the World Trade Organization rules that Trump's steel and aluminum fees are illegal, the EU will expand its retaliation immediately instead of waiting until 2021.

The orange clown Donald Trump plans to act like a flaming jackass at the G7 Summit in Ottawa, Canada on Friday.  So that ought to be interesting.  The Washington Post reports that the clown is bristling at Canada's retaliation over his steel and aluminum tariffs, $16.6 Billion of duties on a long list of US products that includes everything from flat-rolled steel to playing cards and felt-tipped pens.  Trump has horrified aides with plans to entering the trade meeting assuming that everyone is against him - personally - and despite not knowing what is going to be in the final communique, is planning not to sign it.  Like a big f__king baby. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got his first taste of Trump's stupidity during a phone call discussing the trade war last month.  Trudeau pressed Trump on how he could justify the tariffs as a "national security" issue.  The orange clown responded, "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?"  As any American 5th grader will tell you, that was during the war of 1812, more than two centuries ago.  And Canadians didn't burn the White House, British soldiers did.  There was no Canada yet.  And of course, since then Canadian troops have fought and died alongside their American allies from the World Wars to Iraq and Afghanistan; their officers serve in each other commands centers; Canadian steel is used to build US military vehicles.

Although not a G7 member, Mexico is also an important US trading partner - it, too, is slapping import duties on US goods in retaliation for Trump's folly.  Mexico imposed a series of tariffs of 15 to 25 percent against US imports valued at $3 Billion on items including pork, apples, potatoes, bourbon, as well as different types of cheese.  All these target products from so-called "red states" that voted for trump in the 2016 presidential election.

But trade isn't the Trump mob's only field of stunning and dangerous incompetence:  Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani declared that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un got "on his hands and knees and begged" for the 12 June summit in Singapore.  We're awaiting North Korea's response, but there's nothing in North Korea's past that would indicate the notoriously thin-skinned regime in Pyongyang is going to stomach this kind of tomfoolery.  Technically, Giuliani is not part of the US government - but he is in Trump's inner circle.

And, the actual begging happened at the United Nations in New York, where US Ambassador Nikki Haley was caught on video literally pleading with diplomats to vote for a resolution to blame Hamas for the bloodshed on the border of Gaza and Israel.  The high death toll has been attributed to Israeli military snipers firing on largely unarmed Palestinian protesters demanding the right to return to ancestral lands in what is now Israel.  In the end, Haley was the only one to vote for the measure, which was a hastily-written reaction to a Kuwaiti resolution to condemn Israel's use of force against protesters in Gaza.

Argentina has cancelled a World Cup friendly with Israel in Jerusalem over the Gaza violence.  Israel's Army Radio reported that Argentine President Mauricio Macri told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "There was nothing that I could do," because the Argentine team refused to play.  Argentine Striker Gonzalo Higuain said his team had "finally done the right thing".  Israel's Defense Minister was defensive: Avigdor Lieberman condemned the South American footballers as "a pack of anti-Semitic terrorist supporters".

Guatemala says almost 200 people are missing after the eruption of the Feugo volcano outside the capital city.  The death toll is 75 lives lost, mostly caused by volcanic ash and mud burying entire villages on the mountain's slopes.  Tuesday's eruption and subsequent smaller bursts and rumbles forced the evacuations of at least 3,000 people, although the ash and soot are impacting 1.7 people.

Spain's Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has appointed eleven women to his cabinet of 17 ministers, meaning that women will run half of the portfolios - including defense, economy, finance, and education.  It's a higher proportion of women over men than anywhere else in Europe, and a marked contrast to the mostly male cabinet of ex-PM Mariano Rajoy, who was ousted last week.

Seoul police arrested French freeclimber Alain Robert about three-fifths of the way up the 123-storey Lotte Tower, the fifth tallest building in the world.  Mr. Robert is now 55 years old, and earned the nickname "Spiderman" for frequently donning the superhero costume while making uninvited climbs on the world's tallest towers in Chicago, Europe, and Asia.  Although the moniker has passed to new Parisian Mamoudou Gassama, who scaled five storeys in seconds in rescue a toddler dangling from a balcony.

US soldier Joshua Phillip Yabut is in a heap of trouble for getting zonked on drugs and stealing an armored personnel carrier from a military base in Virginia, leading cops on a chase through the city of Richmond.