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After Donald Trump's two summits with Kim Jong-un failed, North Korea is pursuing the "rapid rebuilding" of the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, according to satellite surveillence photos.  The site has been used to test rocket engines similar to those used in nuclear missiles.  Just days ago in Hanoi, Trump claimed Kim promised not to resume nuclear and missile tests.  The site, also known as Tongchang-ri, had been partially dismantled after the first Trump-Kim summit last year in a seeming act of good faith towards de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  In 2018, a defector said that Pyongyang was planning a space launch, which is not illegal under international agreements. 

Trump's protectionist economic policies aren't doing much, as the US trade gap with the rest of the world jumped to a ten-year high of US$621 Billion.   Reducing the gap between how much goods and services the US imports from other countries and how much it exports was a key point of Trump's 2016 campaign platform - but it turns out that insulting trading partners and claiming his country is being "ripped off" while slapping new tariffs on incoming stuff doesn't work.

The European Parliament's right-wing bloc is giving an ultimatum to Hungary's far-right PM Viktor Orban.  The European People's Party (EPP) - the EU's largest voting bloc - will dump Hungary if Orban fails to knock it off with his far-right excess:  Specifically, "Orban must immediately and permanently end his government's campaign against Brussels," said the EPP's Manfred Weber.  Also, Orban must apologize to the EPP and Hungary must stop its oppression of a university associated with billionaire George Soros.  Orban has until 20 March to shape up.

A big avalanche in Norway was caught on video.

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Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has inspired confusion, disgust, and ridicule for posting a graphic video to social media showing two gay guys engaging in extreme and very rare behavior on the fringes of Rio's Carnival.  Folha de Sao Paulo condemned him for "suggest(ing) it is a common scene during carnival."  The far-right O Antagonista website said succinctly, "Bolsonaro the pornographer," while the conservative O Globo newspaper wrote, "A porno tweet embarrasses the government."  The business community is wondering what possessed the reactionary president to portray the year's biggest tourism draw in a negative light. 

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Venezuela has given the German ambassador 48 hours to get out of the country after Daniel Kriener helped opposition figure Juan Guaido return to the country from a visit to the US.  Kriener was among the foreign diplomats at the airport to greet Guaido, who is recognized by many Western countries as the "interim leader" of Venezuela - despite the fact his status is self-declared and he hasn't stood in any election.  The actual democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro accuses Guaido of trying to mount a coup against him with the help of "US imperialists".

A South African court sentenced two white farmers to prison for the murder of a 15-year old boy they accused of stealing a couple of sunflowers.  Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte got 18 and 23 years respectively; they had already been found guilty of murder, kidnapping, intimidation, theft, and pointing of a firearm.  The case set off outrage in South Africa, where racial relations are still a sore point decades after the end of apartheid.