Good Morning Australia!! - A self-proclaimed terrorist wields the head of a murdered child - Security attacks the media at a fascist rally for Donald Trump - Argentina's conservative president surrenders to the demands of US Hedge Funds - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Full-blown fascism reared its disgusting head again at a campaign rally for Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump. where a security agent attacked and choked a photographer for Time magazine.  "I stepped 18 inches out of the (media) pen and he grabbed me by the neck and started choking me and then he slammed me to the ground," said Chris Morris, who believes the attacker was a member of the UN Secret Service - which is supposed to protect Presidents and some presidential candidates.  The violent and cowardly assault of a journalist was caught by video at many different angles.  The Secret Service is not commenting.  Earlier at the rally, Trump's speech was interrupted by good guys with Black Lives Matter.

Migrants clashed with authorities in two parts of Europe as the continent's ability to deal with the refugee crisis strained.  Migrants threw rocks at crews dismantling part of "The Jungle", a shantytown that sprang up on the fringes of the Port of Calais in northern France.  Riot cops responded with tear gas.  Authorities want to move the residents to reception centers to better process their asylum claims.  These migrants were squatting at Calais, hoping to find ways to board trucks and trains heading across the channel to the UK.

At Greece's border with Macedonia, migrants fashioned a make-shift battering ram and knocked down the fence keeping them bottled up at Idomeni on the Greek side.  And, more tear gas.  It's not clear how many got through.  About 7,000 people - mostly Syrian and Iraqi refugees - have been living rough for a week or more in squalid conditions, with little food or medical help.  Greece is shouldering most of the burden of the refugee crisis in recent months because Austria and northern European destinations have started to close their doors and put limits on how many can enter, while the Balkan nations have erected fences and barriers to stop the migration, trapping ever-increasing numbers in Greece.

A macabre scene outside a Moscow metro station as a woman in a burka displayed the severed head of a small child while ranting about being a "terrorist" and about "judgment day".  Police quickly arrested her, and investigators say they found the body of a three- or four-year old girl in an apartment.  Russian media identified the suspect as 39-year old Gulchekhra Bobokulova from Uzbekistan and that she was the dead child's nanny. 

Off the Philippines, police are probing the mysterious death of a German yachtsman found in his boat which was adrift near Barabo town in Surigeo del Sur province.  They posted graphic photos on social media showing how Manfred Fritz Bajorat's decomposing body was found in the yacht's radio room, locked in place by the heat and salt air, where local fishers found it. 

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri signed a deal to pay billions of dollars to US hedge funds that bought up Argentine debt at cut rate prices during the economic collapse of 2001 (caused by decades of failed neoliberal policies).  But the conservative president might have trouble getting the deal approved by congress because of a lock law passed by the previous administration of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK) which forbids Argentina from paying out "vulture funds" under the very terms that Macri negotiated.