Good Morning Australia!! - Asylum seekers are being warned of imminent evictions on Manus Island - The mafia caught stealing millions meat for refugees in Italy - A heartbreaking decision to be made in India - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Asylum seekers on Manus Island have been told to clear out so the refugee detention center can be closed.  The ABC reports that audio of an unnamed Papua New Guinea official telling then 800 people in the center that demolition work will begin soon:  "You cannot stay at the regional processing center," this person said, "You need to consider your options.  No one will be resettled in Australia."  Few will be resettled in the US under a deal reached with the Obama Administration and only grudgingly accepted by the current morons in the White House.  Refugee Behrouz Boochani  from Iran fears inmates will not accept being forcibly cleared out:  "I am sure the refugees will resist and they will have to use force, I think there will be a big riot," he said.

Italian police arrested 68 people in an alleged mafia plot to skim millions of Euros from public funds earmarked to aid asylum-seekers.  Among those arrested are a priest and the head of a huge Catholic volunteer group "Mercy" that ran a refugee welcome center in southern Italy.  "The welcome center and 'Mercy' were the ATMs of the mafia," said police General Giuseppe Governale.  The head of Mercy is a well-connected figure who likes to have his photo taken with famous people and politicians, and even Pope Francis.  Prosecutors say the group asked the government to be compensated for more aid than was actually delivered, and then spent the windfall on fancy cars, real estate, boats, et cetera.

Cholera has killed more than 115 people in war-torn Yemen.  The World Health Organization says fewer than half of the country's health care facilities are functioning and the flow of medical supplies into the country has slowed to a trickle.  UN humanitarian agencies are urging donor nations to step up their efforts to compensate.  Since March 2015, Saudi-backed government forces have been battling Iran-backed Shiite rebels with Islamic State and other jihadist groups muddying the picture even further.

A veteran journalist who had covered Mexico's drug world has been gunned down in Sinaloa state, where the cartel once headed by the notorious Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman operates.  Javier Valdez wrote two books on narcotics trafficking, founded the publication Riodoce, and was national correspondent for the national newspaper La Jornada.  He's the fifth reporter to be killed in Mexico in just over two months.

El Chapo is famous for twice tunneling out of Mexican prisons - apparently, the practice is catching on.  Prison officials in Tamaulipas found a five-meter deep tunnel in a jail, packed with weapons, drugs, liquor, and other contraband.  Apparently, it was there for storage, and no one used it to escape.

Hungarian police arrested a notorious nazi scumbag fugitive from Germany who petitioned Prime Minister Viktor Orban for political asylum.  Horst Mahler was serving a ten year sentence for Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic incitement.  A court allowed him out of prison two years ago for medical treatment, but he repaid the court's mercy and humanity by going on the lam.  The 81-year old Mahler is due in court in Budapest later on Tuesday.

A ten-year old girl is petitioning Indian authorities for a late-term abortion, after being impregnated by being raped by her step-father.  She's believed to be five months along, but Indian law doesn't allow terminations after 20 weeks unless the woman's life is in danger.  The restriction was designed to combat gender-selective abortions.  Police arrested the stepfather after the girl's mother found out and made a police complaint.