Good Morning Australia!! - A president's ignominious end - Iran says it is stepping up stockpiling of Uranium - Alert security forces stop a far-right terrorist before he could murder - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Former Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi collapsed and died in a Cairo court.  He had long complained that authorities were not taking care of his medical conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure - his youngest son Abdullah had previously said that authorities were deliberately neglecting him alleging they want to see him dead 'from natural causes' as soon as possible.  Morsi, of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, became Egypt's first democratically elected leader in 2012 following the Arab Spring revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak; but the massive crowds returned to the streets only a year later, accusing him of mishandling the economy and mounting an Islamist internal coup.  The military overthrew him and put him on trial on various charges; he was serving a 45 year prison term when he died.

Iran is giving Europe a choice:  Tehran says that it is stockpiling uranium for nuclear power reactors, and that it will breach the limit set by the 2015 multi-national deal by 27 June.  But, Iranian officials say that can be avoided, if European countries shield Iranian business from renewed US economic sanctions.  The US pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action - known colloquially as the Iran Nuclear Deal - in 2018.  Iran last month said that if the US was out and resuming sanctions for no reason, then it needed to break free of the deals constraints.  The fuel that Iran is stockpiling is enriched up to 3 or 4 percent, which is enough for nuclear power reactions - weapons-grade nuclear material is enriched up to 90 percent.

Argentina still doesn't know what happened to cause yesterday's widespread power outage that blacked out the whole country, plus most of Uruguay and Paraguay, as well as parts of Brazil and Chile.  At least 48 million people were impacted, although most had their power back before the end of the day.

Germany's far-right AfD party failed miserably in its first election for mayor in a major city, which could be an omen for regional elections in September.  AfD candidate and ex-cop Sebastian Wippel finished on top in the first round of voting in Gorlitz on the border with Poland.  But Octavian Ursu of the center-right governing party of Chancellor Angela Merkel won the run-off with 55 percent.  The election was seen as a litmus test for AfD as it took place in the area where it has its strongest support.

The gunman who tried to shoot up the Federal courthouse in Dallas, Texas was known on far-right websites, occasionally expressed racist and anti-Semitic attitudes, and was an "incel" obsessed with medieval armor.  Alert Federal agents shot and mortally wounded 22-year old Brian Isaack Clyde before he could cause the carnage he apparently plotted, but people in the office towers around the courthouse recorded the frightening scene.  The US Army later confirmed that he was discharged after serving less than two years in the infantry.

Boko Haram is being blamed for a triple suicide bombing that killed at least 30 people in Nigeria's northeast.  The bombers targeted a video hall that showed movies and football matches in Konduga village in Borno State.  Witnesses said the death toll was exasperated because emergency crews were late to arrive and not prepared for the bloodshed.