Howdy Australia!! - Trump declares Iran's army to be terrorists right after US allies killed nearly a dozen schoolgirls - Is the US going back to putting immigrant kids in cages? - Some Cold War bills are coming due - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The US has designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, the first time the US has done this with a foreign country's military.  The designation will enable the US to impose further economic sanctions on Iran, especially in the business sector.  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon reportedly advised against the designation as it could incite violence against US forces in the Middle East while having a negligible impact on the Iranian economy.  Supporters of the policy say the IRGC - especially its international arm, the Quds Force - regularly arm and finance allied governments and movements including Yemen's Houthi rebels fighting a lengthy and destructive civil war with the Saudi-allied government.

The US-backed Saudi Coalition killed at least eleven school girls in Yemen in a bombing run on a residential area of the capital Sana'a.  "Everyone was hysterical, some were crying and shouting in panic," said Al Aei school principal Fatehiya Kahlani to Al Jazeera after the bombs fell.  "The situation was horrible as the school population is 2,100.  Some girl students were killed and others were wounded and are in a hospital as a result of the missile strike.  The school building was destroyed too."  The rebel health agency said at least 39 people were wounded.  US Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders condemned the attack:  "Yemen needs humanitarian aid, not more bombs," said Bernie.

There is a major shake-up going on within the US Department of Homeland Security:  Secret Service chief Randolph Alles is out, a day after DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen handed her resignation to Donald Trump after he reportedly had a hissy fit on her in the Oval Office.  Trump is reportedly cleaning house because the immigration hardliners aren't hardline enough, and have resisted a return to the policy of separating children from their parents at the southern border - a disastrous practice that earned international and internal condemnation, as well as traumatized impoverished children.  And yes, you read that right:  The woman known for putting kids in cages isn't "tough" enough for Trump's immigration policy.  It has been reported that Trump's deputy Stephen Miller, a notorious xenophobe, is exerting more influence on the situation.  Look for new horror stories coming from the US southern border.

French President Emmanuel Macron is planning new tax cuts to appease the Yellow Vest protests, which began as a reaction to a new fuel tax. 

Four far-right nationalist parties have declared an alliance before the European Parliament elections in late May.  Italy's League, Germany's Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), and two others from Finland and Denmark wish to push an anti-immigration agenda - although they had claimed 15 parties were participating, only the four showed up for the announcement.

Poland's national teacher's strike saw 80 percent participation, just as students were getting ready for final exams.  They're over-worked and underpaid, and demanding livable wages.

Israel's elections are today:  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's big campaign promise is to annex Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank, settlements that the international community considers illegal.

Romania has charged its former president Ion Iliescu with crimes against humanity for his alleged role in the violent revolt that toppled the Ceausescu regime in 1989.  Iliescu denies any wrongdoing.  Now 89, he is charged with "spreading misinformation through televised appearances and press releases" that led to the deaths of more than 800 people through "instances of friendly fire, chaotic shooting and contradictory military orders"; it was the only major bloodletting that occurred as the Soviet system collapsed. 

Korean Air patriarch Cho Yang-ho has died at age 70.  His daughter and Korean Air executive Heather Cho embarrassed the airline in 2014 with the infamous "Nut Rage" incident in which she forced a crowded passenger jet to return to the terminal in New York because a steward served her a bag of macadamias without putting them in a bowl first.  Second daughter Emily Cho last year disrupted a corporate meeting last year by whipping a water bottle at an underling.  The elder Cho's death is expected to set off a family fight over who gets his shares in the conglomerate.