Good Morning Australia!! - Trump tries to kick out hundreds of thousands of long-term US residents with one pen stroke - Equality campaigners get a small victory in India - Stunning racial insensitivity from one of the world's biggest clothing retailers - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The burning oil tanker off the coast of Shanghai, China is in danger of exploding, two days after it struck a freight ship.  One body has been found, and the rest of the predominantly Iranian 31 member crew are still missing.  The tanker was carrying nearly a million barrels of a highly combustible petroleum product called condensate, which is lighter than oil.  If the ship does not sink, it could burn off which would cause less environmental damage.  But if it does sink, more of the material will spill beneath the water, making it more difficult to clean.  If the tanker explodes, it will spread the fumes - the oil company ConocoPhillips says that any contact with Condensate can caused respiratory problems and would require urgent medical care (.pdf link).

As many as 64 African immigrants are dead after a human trafficker's overcrowded rubber dinghy sank in the Mediterranean in the perilous passage between Libya and Italy.  Among the 86 rescued by the Italian coast guard was a three-year old child found desperately clinging to the drowned body of her mother.  Other survivors include three little boys aged two, nine and ten years.  The migrants came from Mali, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Senegal, and Nigeria.  The Italians have become experts at these rescues, pulling more than 113,000 immigrants from the sea in 2017.

The White House is telling 200,000 El Salvadoran nationals to go home.  The orange clown Donald Trump wants to end their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) granted in 2001 by the Bush Administration after their home country was hit by a pair of deadly earthquakes.  The Trump regime now claims that disaster status no longer exists, and wants the 200,000 gone by September 2019 if they can't qualify for other ways to stay in the US.  Oscar Chacon of the immigration rights group Alianza Americas says it is "simply inhumane" to pretend that TPS holders "are easy to be disposed of" after nearly two decades in the United States.

The clown now works a short day, changing his schedule to reserve the entire morning up to 11:00 AM for what he calls "executive time" - which is literally sleeping late, watching Murdoch's cable TV crapola, and sending out idiotic tweets.  Only then will Trump go downstairs into the West Wing to a light 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM work day.  That's not even eight hours, and is probably less when McDonald's time is carved out, not to mention all of the Fridays he bugs out early to go golfing in Florida. 

Three people were hurt in a fire in the HVAC system on the top of Trump tower.  Authorities cannot confirm speculation that it was caused by the orange clown's pants spontaneously bursting into flames.

Fighting between Muslim herdsmen and Christian farmers has killed 86 in a week in central Nigeria.  "The attacks happened in very remote villages," said Benue state spokesman Terve Akase, "Now, with security operatives on the ground, villagers have been going about the bush to pick up more corpses."  Local NGOs are blaming President Muhammadu Buhari for not doing enough to contain the Herdsmen from encroaching on the farms.

India's Supreme Court will reconsider its 2013 decision that criminalized consensual gay sex.  "What is natural to one may not be natural to others," the top court said in a victory for equality campaigners, "A section of people or individuals who exercise their choice should never remain in a state of fear." 

A prison inmate in northern Spain woke up to find himself in a morgue, marked by the coroner in the spots he was slated to be opened up for an autopsy.  Spanish media posits the man suffered Catalepsy, a condition where a person's vital signs slow down to the point of being almost imperceptible.  Certainly the three doctors who signed his death certificate didn't detect life signs.  Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez is now under observation at a hospital in Oviedo.

The Swedish clothing giant H&M is apologizing for using a black child to model a sweatshirt sporting the phrase "coolest monkey in the jungle".  There are people paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to make sure stupid crap like that doesn't get on its website, and yet it did for a while before being pulled down.  "We sincerely apologize for offending people with this image of a printed hooded top," a spokesperson said, "We believe in diversity and inclusion in all that we do and will be reviewing all our internal policies accordingly to avoid any future issues."  This came at a really bad time for H&M - the retailer last month reported its biggest drop in quarterly sales in at least a decade and has shifted from expansion plans to considering closing some locations.