Good Morning Australia!! - Turkey demands proof of life - Japan extends an unexpected invitation to the UK - Sexual harassment, privilege,a nd poverty clash in India - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Turkey is challenging Saudi Arabia to provide proof that missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a dissident Saudi national and a Washington Post columnist, has left its consulate in Istanbul as the Saudis claimed.  Ankara believes that a Saudi "hit team" murdered him in the consulate when he went there to sign some papers; police say security cameras show cars coming and going from the compound, but not Khashoggi leaving.  If the Turkish allegations are true "this is a horrific crime, the assassination of a journalist in his own country's consulate on foreign soil - (is) something without precedent in modern times," wrote the Washington Post.

China says it is holding the head of Interpol Meng Hongwei as part of a bribe-taking investigation, clarifying why it is detaining the Chinese citizen who disappeared from public view shortly after arriving there for a visit.  Although China's Public Security Ministry has defended the action as "correct" and "wise", critics say Beijing is using its anti-corruption drive to purge critics and rivals of President Xi Jinping.  Interpol, an agency that helps the world's police departments coordinate fugitive and missing person searches and other investigations, said over the weekend that it will choose a new president to full the remaining two years of Mr. Meng's mandate at the general assembly in Dubai next month.

The UK is by no means a Pacific Rim nation, but Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says it should be welcomed into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal with "open arms" after it leaves the European Union in March 2019.  Abe believes the UK will maintain its "global strength" despite lsoing its position as the gateway to Europe.  Brexiteers praised the comments as proof of their view that Britain would be able to strike its own trade deals more easily if it were outside the EU. 

The death toll from the magnitude-5.9 earthquake that hit northern Haiti over the weekend rose to at least 15 lives lost with 333 injured.  Meanwhile in Indonesia, the death toll from the earthquake and and tsunami on Sulawesi island hit 1,948 - but thousands more are still unaccounted for and officials said search teams plan to stop looking for victims later this week.

Police in India arrested nine suspects in the mob attack on a group of teenage girls who reported some boys for sexual harassment.  "The girls fought them off and there was an altercation," said Jagatpati Chaudhury, the District Education Officer in Supaul, Bihar state. "A mob then gathered with the boys' parents who beat up the girls."  The girls attend Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, a residential school for girls from vulnerable communities: Scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, religious minorities, and families living below the poverty line across India.

A court in Spain is allowing a baby-stealing doctor to walk without serving any prison time.  The court ruled that it was too late to punish 85-year old Eduardo Vela for his role in taking babies from Leftists and other "undesirable" mothers and given them to families loyal to the far-right dictator Francisco Franco from 1939 all the way through until his death and the transition to democracy in the 1970s.  "I'm happy because it's been proven that I was stolen, Dr. Vela stole me," said Ines Madrigal who was abducted and illegally adopted as a baby in 1969.  But she plans to appeal the lack of a prison term because, "It's a little hard to take that there would be a limitation on this crime."