Hello Australia!! - A big human rights advancement in Northern Ireland - How to not take responsibility in Washington - Sort your recyclables!  Tons of reasons to do so are coming back to Oz - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The UK House of Commons got tired of waiting for Northern Ireland's factions to get their act(s) together and went ahead to extend same-sex marriage and abortion rights to the six countries.  "Parliament has agreed to address the lack of access to safe abortion in Northern Ireland. We must make sure women in every part of our UK can get the care they need," said Labour MP Stella Creasy.  Prior to this, the Conservative Party government of outgoing PM Theresa May had left the decision to the power-sharing government at Storemont.  But that arrangement has been stymied because the socially-conservative DUP and Leftist Sinn Fein have been at loggerheads since January 2017.  The Commons vote goes into legal force on 21 October, unless Storemont comes together before then and takes care of it themselves.

Hong Kong Chief Carrie Lam says the controversial extradition law that sparked massive protests "is dead" and the government's work on it has been a "total failure".  Critics of the proposed law said it would allow pro-democracy dissidents in Hong Kong to have been sent to Beijing for trial.

Indonesia is sending 210 tons of not-so recyclable rubbish back to Australia because it is contaminated with used nappies, broken electronics, and other banned garbage.  "We are taking action to protect the public from hazardous materials that pollute the environment," said customs official Basuki Suryanto.  Five shipping containers filled with similarly wrong garbage was sent back to the US last month, and other countries like Germany and France can expect shipments as well. 

Another unwanted import - Measles.  New South Wales health officials are sounding the alarm after a man apparently caught it in Southeast Asia, and then visited Hornsby, Lane Cove, Lindfield, Sydney CBD, Newtown, and Erskineville in NSW between 30 June and 8 July.  Last week, Queensland officials sent out a warning after a child caught the measles overseas and then went to retail locations around Taigum.  "Measles is one of the most infectious of all communicable diseases and is spread by tiny droplets generated through coughing and sneezing," said QLD Metro North Public Health physician Dr. Rosie Muller.  "It's very important to call the medical practice first to say you could have measles, so that staff can take precautions to avoid spreading the disease to others."

US Democratic Party leaders are demanding that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta step down over his role in the sweetheart plea deal arranged for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged in a new case on new evidence this week.  Back in the 2000s when Acosta was a federal prosecutor in Florida, Epstein was convicted of molesting kids and running a child prostitution ring - but his sentencing agreement allowed hedge fund manager Epstein to leave prison during the day to go to work at his office.  Acosta now claims, "The crimes committed by Epstein are horrific, and I am pleased that NY prosecutors are moving forward with a case based on new evidence."  Although you might think that pedophilia wouldn't be a partisan issue, Republicans are not demanding Acosta's resignation, and Donald Trump appears to be standing by his secretary.

Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on UK Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch, after Darroch's scathing memos about Trump's "clumsy and inept" incompetence became public.  Trump now blasts Sir Kim as "a very stupid guy"; but he also went that extra step to make everything worse by blasting UK Prime Minister's handling of the Brexit as "foolish", which brought a rebuke from Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.  All of this unnecessary teenage drama is going to solve itself in a few weeks:  Trump's pal Boris Johnson will likely succeed May as leader of the Tories and this as Prime Minister, and today he refused to commit to keeping Sir Kim.

UK Labour head Jeremy Corbyn is challenging the next Tory party leader to hold another referendum before taking Britain out of the EU - and he says Labour will campaign to remain.   With the Brexit delayed until October, Corbyn says Labour will "do everything we can to take no deal off the table or stop a damaging deal of the sort (Jeremy) Hunt or (Boris) Johnson propose," referring to the two men vying for the leadership of the UK Conservative Party.

US Billionaire H. Ross Perot is dead at age 89.  He's famous for his third-party presidential campaigns in 1992 and 1996, which he mounted because he felt the Republican and Democratic parties were not serious about reducing the federal budget deficit (Democrats managed to reduce it twice when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were in office).  Perot became a billionaire with his company Electronic Data Systems (EDS) which had incredibly lucrative government contracts with Medicare and Medicaid in Texas, making his money off the backs of seniors and poor people who couldn't afford health care.  He also invented the business model known as "outsourcing".