Good Morning Australia!! - The Women step up to lead Europe - Fire kills more than a dozen crewmembers on a secret submarine - A princess on the run - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

European leaders have broken a deadlock over the next generation of leadership, producing a list of some unexpected choices for the top posts.  Nominated for European Commission chief is German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, and you're not alone if you didn't see that coming.  She's a member of Angela Merkel's government CDU and would be the first woman to get the job if the European Parliament approves her to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker.  International Monetary Fund chief has been nominated as the first woman to head the European Central Bank (ECB).  Belgian liberal Prime Minister Charles Michel is nominated to replace European Council President Donald Tusk, and Spain's Josep Borrell is proposed as foreign policy chief.  Despite earlier divisions - but perhaps mindful of the challenges the EU will have with nationalist parties over the next few years - leader managed to come up with this list in a few days, rather than several weeks, as was the case five years ago.

A court in Italy has cleared the German captain of a ship that defied a police blockade to bring several immigrants rescued from the Meditarranean Sea to shore for medical treatment.  Police had arrested Captain Carola Rackete of the group Sea Watch shortly after arriving at Lampedusa - they claimed her immigrant rescue ship hit a police boat.  The court declared she was not guilty of endangering lives, although the 31-year-old still faces possible charges of aiding illegal immigration.  Italy's far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini claimed the incident was an "act of war" by a "pirate" and "outlaw".  

A fire on a Russian military submarine killed 14 sailors.  "Fourteen submarine sailors died as a result of poisoning from the by-products of a fire," read a terse statement from the defense ministry in Moscow, "The cause of the incident is being established."  It is believed this involved an AS-12 "Losharik" vessel, which the US alleges Russia uses to intercept or disrupt communications from undersea cables, or even to damage the cables themselves.  It is believed the sub was operating in Russian territorial waters and has been towed to Severomorsk, the main base of the Russian Northern Fleet, for the investigation.

At least 50 people died trying to collect fuel from an overturned tanker truck in northeastern Nigeria, and the thing caught fire.  Local officials said that least ten bodies have been recovered and at least 70 people suffered serious burns.  "From the look of things and considering their condition, many of them might not survive," said Federal Road Safety Commission Sector Commander Aliyu Baba.

Israeli cops clashed with angry protesters after the police killing of an Ethiopian Israeli.  The officer who pulled the trigger was put in house arrest pending an investigation into the shooting of 18-year old Solomon Teka who was standing next to his house in Kiryat Haim, a town near the northern port city of Haifa.  The Ethiopian Israeli community has long protested against racism and dealt with the false belief in some quarters that they are not "real" Jews.  A leader of Israel's Ethiopian community, Assaf Gebane, said:  "We did not come here for them to kill our sons.  We did not take this journey and pay a high price to come to this beloved land so that our children will die young and be killed before their brothers' eyes."

One of the wives of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed has fled the country and is reportedly in hiding in London in fear of her life.  The 69-year old Sheikh posted a poem on social media accusing an unidentified woman of "treachery and betrayal".  Sources have said that Princess Haya fled after she came across some "disturbing facts" about the ruler's daughter Sheikha Latifa, who herself escaped the Mideast kingdom last year only to be intercepted by an armed force in India and returned to Dubai at gunpoint.  

South America had a total solar eclipse.