Good Morning Australia!! - Under Trump, the US goes back on its word and pulls out of the Iran Nuclear Deal - Iran keeps cool while the world appeals for calm - Armenia's opposition leader wins the job he sought - Nazi Grandma is going to prison - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The orange clown Donald Trump formally pulled the US out of the multi-lateral deal that keeps Iran from seeking and developing nuclear weapons, and claimed - without details - that the US would renew full economic sanctions on Iran.  In an incredibly stupid announcement, the moron spit out flat out lies and half-truths about the "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" (JCPOA) to rationalize the bad decision that most if the US' allies urged him not to make.  He cited Iran's support for Syrian and Yemeni rebels, conditions that were never a part of the narrowly drawn agreement - but he could not and did not cite any instance of Iran actually violating the agreement before he himself violated it by pulling the US out. 

Trump also attempted to suggest that the decision was made after consulting with America's friends, but French President Emmanuel Macron almost immediately issued a statement to the contrary via twitter:  "France, Germany, and the UK regret the U.S. decision to leave the JCPOA.  The nuclear non-proliferation regime is at stake."  The three countries then issued a joint statement:  "Our governments remain committed to ensuring the agreement is upheld, and will work with all the remaining parties to the deal to ensure this remains the case including through ensuring the continuing economic benefits to the Iranian people that are linked to the agreement."  It went on: "We encourage Iran to show restraint in response to the decision by the US; Iran must continue to meet its own obligations under the deal, cooperating fully and in a timely manner with IAEA inspection requirements."

Russia and China are also signatories to the JCPOA.  Russia's Foreign Ministry said there was no basis for Trump's move and criticized him for "undermining international trust in the International Atomic Energy Agency" which verified Iran's unquestioned compliance with the deal.  Beijing, for now, is mum.  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was "deeply concerned by today's announcement".  The European Union was already planning to protect its companies that now does business with Iran as a result of the deal from retaliation from the US, and will work to preserve the deal.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says his country will remain in the JCPOA with the other signatories and without the United States:  "From this time on, the nuclear deal is an accord between Iran and five countries," Rouhani said in live speech broadcast on state TV, "I am happy that an intruder (United States) has exited from the nuclear deal."  But he said that if the other nations do not uphold there ends of the deal - meaning the unfreezing of Iranian assets and economic sanctions against Tehran - Iran would resume enriching Uranium.

While the world waits to see if or how Trump will reinstate US economic sanctions on Iran, the JCPOA remains in place:  Iran will not pursue nuclear weapons, for now; the IAEA will continue to verify that; and entities that entered into deals with Iran as a result of the agreement will continue to do business with Tehran.

Moving along..

The orange clown also said that after the US went back on its word to Iran, on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returned to Pyongyang to say, "If you eliminate your nuclear weapons, we'll lift sanctions and won't attack you.  You can totally trust us!"  How is any nation supposed to take the US seriously ever again?  Even if this moron is followed by another Obama, who's to say that the red state rubes won't go and elect another duplicitous backstabber of limited intelligence after that?  Does the US even have any statesmen left who can rise to the occasion of restoring its world leadership?  Or are the countries that hid behind the US shield for too long out of luck?

Anyway, before Pompeo flew out, North Korea's Kim Jong-un made a second visit to China in as many months, before a possible summit with the orange clown Donald Trump.  Chinese President Xi Jinping and Kim walked along a beach at the northeastern Chinese city of Dalian.  The visit is significant because it's only the second international trip taken by Kim, and because Kim flew over on a private jet - usually, North Korean leaders travel to Beijing on a special armored train.  The two issued a statement about peace, friendliness, increased trade, the usual crap.

Meanwhile, Xi's crackdown on corruption rolls on:  A court in the southwestern city of Chongqing sentenced a former regional Communist Party boss, Sun Zhengcai, to life in prison for corruption.  Sun had once been seen as a possible contender for President - and therefore a rival to Xi.  A month ago, he pleaded guilty to taking $26.7 million in bribes. 

Armenia's parliament elected Westward-looking opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan as the country's new Prime Minister, capping weeks of political turmoil.  Pashinyan led street protests that forced his pro-Moscow predecessor to resign.  But change could be gradual, as Russian president Vladimir Putin was among the first to congratulate him, and Pashinyan has offered assurances that he will not break with the Kremlin.

Two media outlets in Mexico have cut ties with prominent conservative commentator and pundit Ricardo Aleman after he as much as called for the assassination of a Left-wing Presidential candidate.  Aleman tweeted John Lennon, Gianni Versace, and the singer Selena were all killed by fans, flagrantly hinting that a follower of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador should act.  Outraged Mexicans responded with the hashtag #NoAlPeriodismoSicario, which translated to "No to hitman journalism".  Despite Mexico's right-wing media establishment bombarding Lopez Obrador with false accusations and conspiracy theories, he maintains a double-digit lead before the 1 July election.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned hours after The New Yorker magazine published shocking allegations from four women of physically abusive behavior.  Schneiderman was known as a champion of women's issues, and a frequent and prominent foe of the orange clown.  The women alleged that Schneiderman beat them during their relationships with him, sometimes while drunk; two said they required hospitalization after assaults.  Schneiderman denied it, but acknowledged some things happened during "roleplay" that was "consensual".  Sorry arsehole, "let me up I'm calling the police" isn't a safeword.  

The former Minneapolis Police officer who shot and killed former Sydney-sider Justine Ruszczyk Damond was in court this morning, but Mohamed Noor did not enter a plea.  Prosecutors said there have been no talks of plea deals or offers.  Both sides will discuss trial scheduling with the judge in the coming days.  Last July, Ms. Damond called police to report a possible sexual assault in the alley behind her home; when she went to talk to officers in their car, Noor pulled his weapon and shot her, saying he was startled by a loud noise.

Germany arrested 89-year old "nazi grandma" Ursula Haverbeck, who failed to report to prison for her conviction on charges of holocaust denial, a crime in Germany.  Haverbeck and her husband were active nazi scum before, during, and after World War II - but she has never been punished for her crimes until now.  That's despite a lengthy history of inciting hatred and violence by lying about the nazi murders of six million Jews in the 1930s and 1940s - not just in conversation, but by writing in neo-nazi publications.  The sentence is two years in prison; 'could have been five.