Howdy Australia!! - A strong quake shocks California - Raining on Trump's parade - Putin's troubling admission - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

More than 80 migrants are feared dead in the sinking of an inflatable immigrant boat in the Mediterranean Sea off of Tunisia.  Only three people are known to have survived; that person said the boat had set off from Libya, which is a main departure point for migrants hoping to reach Europe to claim asylum.  "The status quo cannot continue," UNHCR Special Envoy for the Mediterranean Vincent Cochetel, "We need to provide people with meaningful alternatives that stop them from needing to step foot on a boat in the first place."

The UN says it has information that Libyan guards fired on immigrants trying to escape a detention center in Tripoli as it was being shelled.  The air strikes killed at least 53 people, and bodies were still being recovered at the scene.  The government blames rebellious forces from the eastern part of the country lead by General Khalifa Hafta, but the rebels blame the government.

The biggest earthquake to hit Southern California in more than two decades was a magnitude 6.4 temblor with an epicenter out in the desert northeast of Los Angeles, right next to the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station military base.  Although it was felt in L.A. and Las Vegas, the damage was mostly in the adjacent town of Ridgecrest.  Unusually, it was followed by more than 150 smaller aftershocks, keeping folks on edge throughout the afternoon of the Fourth of July holiday.

Donald Trump was reportedly having trouble attracting a large crowd for his speech at the Lincoln Memorial.  Critics objected to Trump's use of military assets such as tanks as set dressing for what was believed to be a partisan event on what should have been a holiday for all.  The crowd that did turn out was soaked with rain.  Earlier in the day, Michigan Congressman Justin Amash announced he is leaving the Republican party and becoming an independent; he was the only Republican on record supporting impeaching Trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is admitting that the submarine in this week's accident that killed 14 people was nuclear powered.  The defense ministry insists that the reactor aboard the "Losharik" AS-31 submersible was not breached.  This type of vessel is among the most-secret in the Kremlin's arsenal and is used for "research and reconnaissance", although the US Pentagon alleges the Russians use it to listen in on undersea communication networks.