Hello Australia!! - Australians were aboard as a passenger bus flips over - Delhi's incredibly polluted air causes aviation problems - Horrific video emerges showing a Hong Kong politician getting his ear bitten off - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Australians were among the passengers of a FlixBus that overturned and crashed in northern France on its Paris-to-London run on Sunday.  Local officials said 33 people were hurt - including at least one Aussie - four were in a serious condition, and that local hospitals were treating the injured.  Flixbus is a low-cost German-based bus service that operates in Europe; it said in a statement that it regretted the accident, adding that the company was working with authorities to determine what had happened.

Indian aviation officials were delaying or rerouting several flights in and out of Delhi because of the air pollution emergency - the thick smog has limited visibility to the point that passenger planes are unable to operate.  India's state-run System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) says concentration of micro-particles measuring less than 2.5 microns hit 810 micrograms per cubic meter on Sunday morning - the United Nations World Health Organization limits the safe daily maximum at 25 micrograms.  Officials warn that breathing Delhi's extra-chunky air is equal to smoking 33 cigarettes in a day.  Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain advised the city's residents to "avoid outdoor physical activities, especially during morning and late evening hours".

Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco is planning an initial public offering (IPO) of stock, creating what will likely be the world's most valuable listed company.  Spinning off the state-owned oil company is part of Crown Prince Muhammad's "Vision 2030" program to diversity the economy - if could bring in as much as US$40 Billion.  Aramco did not give a time-frame or say how much of the company it would sell.

Decrying the lousy economy and accusing their leadership of corruption, Iraqi protesters filled the capital for another day and blocked key roads and intersections with burning tyres and that sort of thing.  Since 1 October, more than 250 people have been killed in clashes with security forces.

Hong Kong pro-democracy politician Andrew Chiu had part of his ear bitten off in a gruesome fight as the former British territory's struggle for autonomy from Beijing wears on.  It started when a knife-wielding man attacked and injured at least four people during anti-government protests outside a shopping mall in the Tai Koo district, and Mr. Chiu tried to subdue the attacker.  Hong Kong is nearing its fifth month of often-violent protests.

El Salvador's right-wing president Nayib Bukele expelled Venezuela's diplomatic mission, giving them just 48 hours to clear out of the country.  Bukele recognizes opposition leader Juan Guaido as the leader of the Venezuelan government, even though Guaido has not won or even contested any such election.  In Caracas, the democratically-elected government of Leftist President Nicolas Maduro retaliated by expelling El Savador's diplomat's, accusing El Salvador of trying to revive "the failing US strategy of intervention and economic blockade against the people of Venezuela" and said Bukele was "assuming the sad role of a pawn in US foreign policy".  Days earlier, the Trump administration extended an order protecting 200,000 El Salvadorans living and working in the US from being deported.  But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

The government of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro "has indigenous blood on its hands", alleges a leading indigenous rights group after a deadly attack in the rainforest late last week.  Illegal loggers attacked the Guajajara in Maranhao, a state in the northeast of Brazil, where the tribe formed the "Guardians of the Forest" seven years ago to patrol and protect their area.  One tribal member was killed, as was one logger according to officials.  "The increase in violence in indigenous territories is a direct result of (Bolsonaro's) hateful speeches and steps taken against our people," said the pan-indigenous organization APIB, pointing to Bolsonaro's numerous speeches belittling indigenous groups and calling for the clear-cutting of the rainforest to make way for agriculture and mining.

A journalist in the Democratic Republican of Congo was stabbed to death on his own home after hosting a meeting to bring awareness of the Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 2,000 people in the country.  The attackers also injured Papy Mumbere Mahamba's and burned their house to the ground.  There is mistrust in the Ebola zone from locals who for some idiotic reason don't believe in the killer virus and have attacked healthcare workers.  The current outbreak - the second worst on record - is actually hundreds of kilometers from the western part of the country where past outbreaks have happened.