Howdy Australia! - The El Paso killer confirms his motive - July's heatwaves are confirmed killers - America gets to bury its shame - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Italy is moving towards a snap election after Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the far-right League Party gathered his MPs to force a no-confidence vote in the coming days.  The League and the majority Five Star Movement are at odds over a number of issues - but unlike the last election, the far-right tops the polls and the once-vital Five Stars are wallowing with half the ratings they had .  Salvini and the leader of another neo-fascist party that could be his next coalition partner also stepped up their attacks on Pope Francis after the Pontiff expressed his concerns over nationalism in an interview with La Stampa on Friday.  "I am concerned because we hear speeches that resemble those of Hitler in 1934," said Pope Francis, referring to Salvini's anti-immigrant scapegoating.  "These are frightening thoughts," he added.  

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's chief of staff canceled all leave for government advisers until 31 October.  This is raising speculation that Johnson will take advantage of the UK crashing out of the European Union without a deal to call a snap election.  The memo sent to Downing Street staffers on Thursday night angered many recipients, who say staff are exhausted and are facing an unprecedented workload in September and October.  

The UK is recovering from a major, widespread power outage than impacted about a million people from London to Newcastle Airport, and the Midlands to Wales.  Traffic signals went out in the UK capital, trains stopped moving at the all-important King's Cross and Waterloo stations, and passengers were forced to make their way through darkened tunnels to daylight above.  

The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics is suggesting the record-shattering heat wave in July might have caused 400 fatalities.  2,964 people died in the Netherlands during the week of the heatwave, and that's about 400 more than average.  Most of the fatalities were elderly people.  Temperatures soared into the 40s C from Spain to Poland, so the other nations affected could post similar increases in their mortality rates.  Meanwhile in Japan, scorching temperatures are killing people:  The week that started on July 29 saw 57 deaths and 18,347 heat-related hospitalizations - triple the previous week.

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters staged a sit-in at Hong Kong airport, although they were careful to allow arriving and departing passengers to walk past.  The protests started as opposition to a controversial criminal extradition law that was eventually dropped, and morphed into a wider movement calling for more political and social freedoms from Beijing for the semi-autonomous city.

The gunman who killed 22 people at a Walmart store in El Paso target has reportedly admitted to cops that he was targeting Mexicans and Mexican Americans.  Before he opened fire on the back-to-school shoppers last weekend, Patrick Crusius posted a "manifesto" to a notorious bulletin board preferred by racists and pedophiles in which he parroted Donald Trump's white nationalist, anti-immigrant garbage.

The body of Jimmy Al-Daoud is being flown back to the US for burial.  He spent all but the first six and last two months of his life in and around Detroit, Michigan.  But because his parents filled out some forms incorrectly, Trump's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested him and deported him to Iraq - his parents' home country - because of his arrest record of petty offensives.  Suffering from schizophrenia and diabetes and left on the streets of a country he had never visited before and couldn't speak the language, where as a Chaldean Christian he was an oppressed minority, Jimmy died because he couldn't secure an insulin supply.