Howdy Australia!! - More fallout for Prince Andrew - How the US "repays" a man who should have been considered a hero - Bolivian cops attack a funeral procession - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Buckingham Palace confirms that Prince Andrew's private office is being moved to another location after announcing he is stepping away from public life.  The fallout from the prince's disastrous interview with the BBC in which he truly failed to explain his friendship with millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged relationship with a then-17-year old girl who has since accused him of sexual abuse.  Barclay's is the latest in a line of corporate entities severing ties with the prince and his Pitch@Palace entrepreneurial mentoring scheme.

Meanwhile, US Attorney General William Barr claims the death of Jeffrey Epstein was the result of "a perfect storm of screw ups".  The official story is that Epstein hung himself in his federal jail cell in New York City on 23 July while the overworked jail guards slept and faked their entries on a log saying they checked in on him every 30 minutes.  But nooooooo one believes that.  The guards say they're being scapegoated.  Barr said he had his initial doubts, but now claims: "I can understand people who immediately, whose minds went to sort of the worst-case scenario because it was a perfect storm of screw-ups."

A construction worker who alerted his bosses of poor practices at the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana before it collapsed is being deported from the United States.  Delmer Joel Ramirez Palma has lived in the New Orleans area for about 20 years, but he is undocumented and without the proper paperwork.  He also told his bosses about weak concrete and asymmetric measurements at the Hard Rock before it collapsed on him on 12 October - Ramirez Palma suffered head and eye injuries in the collapse, surviving a fall from the ninth floor to the sixth by swinging from a rope.  But he gave an interview to Spanish-language reporters, and US immigration agents showed up a couple of days later.  "The timing is highly suspicious." said attorney Mary Yanik of the New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice, "and the circumstances of the arrest are extraordinarily suspicious."  Ramirez Palma still needs corrective surgery on his eye, and it's not clear if that's going to happen in his native Honduras.

Bolivia's interim government had had the audacity to accuse ousted, democratically-elected President Evo Morales of terrorism and sedition by allegedly helping to organize street protests and blockades from exile in Mexico.  The country's new interior minister Arturo Murillo released an audio recording purporting to prove this, but Evo denounced it as "fake".  A day earlier, Bolivian cops fired tear gas on a mass funeral for people killed in the unrest following the coup, forcing mourners to leave the coffins in the street and run.  At least 36 people have been killed in post-coup violence in Bolivia.

Those protests in Chile?  Still going on.  I guess they weren't kidding about wanting to end inequaity in the econmy, education, and healthcare.