Hello Australia!! - Theresa May finally pulls the plug - Trump skirts the rules to sell weapons in a war zone - Facebook fails to remove flagrant fake news - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

UK Prime Minister Theresa May tearfully announced she is stepping down for failing to deliver the Brexit.  Parliament has been unified on only one thing this year, and that is no one likes the deal she negotiated with European Union leaders to take her country out of the continental union.  Although a lot of corporate media reports place Boris Johnson as the favorite to succeed her, he is a controversial choice and there are already a lot of people maneuvering behind the scenes to get the job.  Her last day as Tory Party leader is 7 June, and the official gruesome, bloody political Summer moves from the shadows to broad daylight the next day.

A Sky News Poll shows that once the UK has a new prime minister, most Brits want an election.  Sky Data found that 54 percent of those asked want this, with only 35 percent opposed and 11 percent unsure.  What's worse for the next British PM is that the pole found 65 percent believe the UK is now in crisis because of the Brexit and other pressures.

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Donald Trump did an end run around the US Congress to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and other gulf states, by invoking a rarely used section of America's arms control laws and invoking a "national security emergency".  This bypasses growing bipartisan opposition in Washington to selling weapons to Saudi Arabia because of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey last year, a killing most Western intelligence sources believe was directly ordered by Saudi crown prince Muhammad.  Lawmakers are also concerned about the civilian death toll in Saudi Arabia's proxy war in Yemen.

How many times in recent months did Facebook claim it was going to crackdown on fake news when confronted on how its social network was spreading dangerous propaganda?  Well, Facebook says it will not delete a frequently-shared and amateurishly altered video that purports to show US House Speaker and California Democrat Nancy Pelosi intoxicated at a public event.  The hack job video, promoted by Trump and his geriatric lawyer Rudy Giuliani, was slowed down to make Pelosi's speech slurred, while pitched correction software was used to return her voice to its normal register.  The problem for people with more than one brain cell is that hundreds of thousands of people had seen the real event and know that Pelosi - who doesn't drink - wasn't drunk.  But for far-right conservative Trump fans, the lie raced around the world before the truth left the gate.  

French police are hunting the bomber who dropped off a device in a bag outside a crowded bakery in Lyon; at least 13 people were injured went it went off.  No group has claimed responsibility.

Fire ripped through a school in Gujurat, India, killing 17 students - some as the teens sat at their desks.  Students leaped out of the windows through billows of black smoke.  Investigators say the blaze spread quickly because of materials used in the roof, and then blocked the staircase which trapped many on the upper floors.

Brazil's highest court has voted to make homophobia and transphobia crimes like racism; the decision is welcomed by campaigners who fear that far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is plotting to roll back legal protections for the LGBTQ community.  Racism was made a crime in Brazil in 1989 with prison sentences of up to five years - the Supreme Federal Tribunal's ruling frames homophobia within that law until lawmakers approves legislation specifically dealing with LGBTQ discrimination.