Hello Australia!! - Iran and the UK square off over an oil tanker - Trump's troubles with history - The viral video that ends with death - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Iran is threatening to seize and British ship if a detained Iranian ship is not released.  Royal Marines boarded the Iranian oil super-tanker Grace 1 off Gilbraltar on Thursday, after it was suspected of carrying oil from Iran to Syria in violation of international economic sanctions.  The UK Foreign Office dismissed Iran's accusations of piracy as "nonsense".  But Spain - which disputes Britain's claim to Gibraltar - says the UK Marines acted following"a demand from the US to the UK".

Australian Alek Sigley for now isn't going to talk about why he was detained by North Korea or what happened during his detention.  "I just want everyone to know I am OK, and to thank them for their concern for my well-being and their support for my family over the past week," he said in a statement issued from Japan, where he went after being released by North Korea.  "I intend now to return to normal life but wanted to first publicly thank everyone who worked to ensure I was safe and well."  The Perth man, who studies and lead tours in the reclusive country, was taken into custody last month and released after being held for more than a week, reportedly with the help of Swedish diplomatic intervention.

Donald Trump is blaming his latest gaffe on a "teleprompter error".  At his militarist Fourth of July speech in Washington, DC on Thursday, he said the US Continental Army "took over the airports" during the American Revolutionary War in the 1770s.  Of course, Wilbur and Orville Wright didn't make the world's first successful airplane flight until 1903, and the first airport didn't open until 1909.  In the same sentence, Trump referenced the Battle of Fort McHenry - which didn't happen during the Revolutionary War, it was in the War of 1812.  Although Trump managed to avoid highly partisan statements, critics suspect the footage from the event will wind up in his 2020 campaign commercials.

China is allegedly separating Uighur Muslim children from their families on a massive scale, and placing them in giant boarding schools where they are being taught to revere Beijing while ignoring their native culture.  And hey, we don't know of any countries doing that, do we?  The BBC reports it's happening in parallel with China's crack down on the restive Xinjiang region, where Uighur Muslim groups demanded more autonomy from Beijing.  Travel in and out of the region is strictly controlled, and up to a million people have been sent to internment camps for "reeducation".  In one town alone, up to 400 children have been left without a guardian because the parents have been sent to the camps.  

A lawyer who was caught on a viral video racially abusing the crew of an Air India flight has been found dead of suicide.  Simone Burns was found in Beachy Head, East Sussex, UK - 13 days after being released from jail, where she spent a few months because of the drunken tirade in which she told the cabin crew "I'm a f***ing international lawyer", before branding them "Indian money-grabbing c***s".  An anonymous friend said that the 50-year old Burns' "world fell apart" after her conviction and she had been targeted by internet trolls after footage of her shouting went viral.