Howdy Australia!! - The cop who shot Justine gets a lengthy prison term - The US and Russia nearly clash on the high seas - Cops make arrests in an assault that might have crossed your social media stream - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor has been sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison for shooting and killing former Sydney woman Justine Damond Ruszczyk.  She had called police in 2017 about a possible sexual assault behind her house; Noor and his partner showed up, Damond Ruszczyk knocked on the police vehicle window, and Noor infamously panicked and shot her.  In passing sentence, Judge Kathryn Quaintance said Noor "does not take personal responsibility for making an erroneous decision to fire a gun at her. He has not acknowledged that he could have handled the situation in any other way".

The US and Russia and blaming each other after two warships nearly collided in the Pacific Ocean, which is sort of amazing considering how big it is and how much remove there is to avoid each other.  At one point, the Russian destroyer Admiral Vinogradov came within a few meters of the cruiser USS Chancellorsville in the Philippine Sea in the western Pacific.  Both claim to have pulled off "emergency" maneuvers to avoid the other.  US acting Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan said, "We'll have military-to-military conversations with the Russians, and of course we'll demarche them," using the term for a formal diplomatic complaint.

London Metro Police arrested four teens in the beating of two women on a double-decker bus, the results of the attack racing around the world on social media.  And by golly, that image would be right here if the image loader beta was working, but here's a link instead.  Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend say the "hooligans" threw coins at them and demanded that they kiss; when the women refused, the thugs punched and robbed them.  This was 30 May - the images of the two bloodied and distressed women hit the Internet on Friday, Mayor Sadiq Khan urged witnesses to the "disgusting, misogynistic attack" to come forward, and within hours the Met made the arrests.  

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has stepped down as head of the Tory party.  She'll continue as PM until a new party leader is chosen.  The leading candidates in this gruesome political knife fight are Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, ex-foreign minister Boris Johnson, and environment minister Michael Gove.  Or maybe these guys will make themselves unelectable, and a compromise candidate will emerge.

Prosecutors in Argentina have filed sex abuse charges against a Roman Catholic Bishop with ties to Pope Francis.  Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta is accused of "aggravated continuous sexual abuse" from his years in Salta Province.  Zanchetta resigned suddenly as bishop of the Argentine city of Oran in 2017, only to have Frank name him to a senior Vatican gig; but The Pope recently revealed that Zanchetta is facing a canonical trial in a Vatican tribunal for inappropriate sexual behavior.  Authorities say Zanchetta is not allowed to leave Argentina and will undergo psychological tests on 12 June.

There are conflicting reports about a pride of 14 Lions that might have escaped from South Africa's Kruger National Park.  An official denies that Parks ever possessed the Lions in the first place, while another claimed they were recaptured and returned to the vast, 7,523 square mile reserve.  Either way, officials were still warning the public in the surrounding area to be careful, especially those at a nearby mining operation in Limpopo Province where the Lions were last observed.  This happened just a day after a Leopard got into a fenced area of the park and tried to drag off the two year old son of a park worker, killing the boy.  Park Rangers shot and killed the Leopard.