Hello Australia!! - How unlikely heroes and an exotic species thwarted the London Bridge terror attack - The victim of the London Bridge attack was someone who tried to help people like his attacker - An arrest linked to a notorious murder and the Panama Papers scandal - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

London officials will send more police onto the streets this week for the NATO summit and Donald Trump's visit, in the days after a man stabbed and killed two people and injured three more before being shot dead by Metro Police.  With an election looming, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is promising to tighten up sentencing laws after reports the assailant with the knife - 28-year old Usman Khan - had been released from prison early after being convicted of terrorism in 2012 for plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange and the US Embassy.  Former UK prosecutor Nazir Afzal said that in 2016 he had asked Boris Johnson - then a government minister - for money for de-radicalization programs to steer young men like Khan away from the jihadists' trail.  Boris replied there was no money for such programs.

Usman Khan was attending a "Learning Together" conference for prisoner rehabilitation at the Fishmongers' Hall before he started stabbing people.  Also in attendance was 42-year old James Ford who was on a day-pass from prison where he is believed to be serving the last days of his sentence for slashing a developmentally disabled woman's throat in 2004 and leaving her to die - a heinous crime which he has never explained and the victim's family has not forgiven.  But Ford stepped in and protected another woman from Khan, springing into action with others who fought back against Khan and took him to the ground seconds before police arrived.  

But that's not the only bizarre twist.  The chef at the Fishmongers' Hall is a Polish immigrant identified thus far only as Lukasz.  When the trouble started he grabbed the nearest weapon and fought back - a Narwahl Tusk that was on display on one of the walls.  For the Southern Hemisphere reader, a Narwahl is a whale with a two or three meter long tusk that lives in the Antarctic Ocean.  Lukasz is seen in video jabbing at Usman Khan with the tush, blocking the knife before another man grabs the suspect and knocks him down.  Lukasz was reportedly slashed in the hand during the battle.  And yes, for years the Brexiteers stoked fears over Polish workers pouring in, and now one of them is a hero of London Bridge.

Usman Khan killed two people before police shot and killed him.  One of the victims, a woman, has not been identified as of this writing.  The other is identified as 25-year old David Merritt, a law and criminology graduate from the University of Cambridge's prison rehabilitation program "Learning Together".  He's remembered by friends as "incredibly witty and intelligent, with more lust for life than many our age and a determination to make his mark in the world".


Dutch police arrested a 35-year old homeless man on Saturday over the knife assault in a busy shopping street in The Hague.  Three teens were wounded.

Malta has charged a local gambling and real estate tycoon with the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was killed by car bomb on 16 October 2017.  Caruana Galizia's work had exposed corruption at the highest levels within the Maltese government, and exposed officials' links to the Panama Papers scandal, which documented global financial corruption.  38-year-old Yorgen Fenech is accused of participating in a criminal organisation, complicity in causing an explosion, and complicity in the murder of Caruana Galizia.

Peru's far-right opposition leader Keiko Fujimori walked out of prison after the country's constitutional court ordered her release from pre-trial detention.  The daughter of murderous, imprisoned ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori is charged with leading a corruption scheme involving the scandal-drenched Brazilian construction firm Odebreacht which is implicated in multi-billion dollar pay-to-play schemes the world over.  Peru's congressional elections are in January, and Fujimori's party had a majority before the president dissolved congress to make way for the poll.