Hello Australia!! - Selling access to the White House - The UK government role in the death of a baby - The new oldest person in the world - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

A bombshell report says the founder of the Florida massage parlor in a prostitution bust involving an NFL team owner had a side job, selling access to Donald Trump at his private Mar-a-Lago club.  Mother Jones reports Li "Cindy" Yang and her husband Zubin Gong advertised this US$16,000 - $40,000 service on a website that has since been removed.  It's not clear how successful this was, however images of Yang with Trump, members of his family, and top Republicans at Mar-a-Lago have gone viral in the past few days.  Yang and her family have donated $42,000 to a Trump political action committee and more than $16,000 to Trump's presidential campaign.  Ten years ago, Yang sold her interest in the chain of massage parlors implicated in the massive human trafficking and prostitution sting that named New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Republican mega-donor John Child.

Thousands of people took part in competing pro- and anti-government rallies in Venezuela.  It comes after widespread power cuts that have affected much of the country since Thursday.  The power and communications blackout heightened tension between the bitterly divided factions, which accused each other of being responsible for the collapse of the power grid.  Democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro stepped up verbal attacks on self-declared "president" and US-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido, calling him "a clown and puppet".  Guaido claimed that "hard times are ahead".

Twelve people died in a plane crash in central Colombia.  The pilot of the twin-engine propeller plane reported technical problems then lost contact and crashed south-east of the town of Villavicencio.  The cause is under investigation.

Singer R. Kelly is back out of jail; he's charged with molesting young girls and made bail a weel ago, but a Chicago judge tossed him back into the slarm until he ponied up with a pate child support payment.  In other "celebrities in Chicago getting into trouble" news, former "Empire" star Jussie Smollett is now charged with 16 felonies for making up a non-existent racist/homophobic attack and filing a false police report. 

In the UK, the opposition and even some fellow Tories are criticizing British Home Secretary Sajid Javid after the death of a UK teenager's baby in a Syrian refugee camp.  Javid had revoked Shamima Begum's passport after she ran away from home in London at age 15 to join the so-called Islamic state, and she hasn't been particularly remorseful.  The baby was less than a month old when he died of a suspected respiratory infection on Friday.  Conservative Party lawmaker Phillip Lee said he was "deeply concerned" by Javid's handling of the case, suggesting he had taken a hard line in order to please populists.

More than 80 people were hurt, some seriously, when a high speed ferry struck an object in the Sea of Japan - probably a whale.  The high-speed hydrofoil ship had left Niigata in northwestern Japan and was en route to Sado Island when the collision occurred, leaving a 15 centimeter crack in the stern.  The whale appears to have been killed in the incident.

A US hospital is under criticism for sending a robot in to tell a man that he was about to die.  Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fremont, California says it "regrets falling short" of the family's expectations, but says the robot holding a tablet with a live link to a physician was a follow-up visit to discuss what was already known.  Over that live link, the family of 78-year old Ernest Quintana says a doctor informed the ailing man that his lungs were gone because of a degenerative disease and that he would die within days.  Quintana did die a day later.

The folks at Guinness World Records have certified that 116-year old Kane Tanaka is the world's oldest person.  Pretty spry for someone of her age, she raced into her award ceremony with her nurse following.  Ms. Tanaka plays the board game Othello and enjoys studying mathematics at her nursing home in Fukuoka.  Five out of the world's ten oldest living person are Japanese.