Howdy Australia - Wealthy pedophile Jeffrey Epstein with links to the world's elites is found dead in his jail cell - Muscovites demand democracy from officials - Another hate crime is linked to a controversial website - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Jail guards at the US Federal jail in New York City found Jeffrey Epstein dead of apparent suicide on Saturday morning, setting off a cascade of outrage and demands for a thorough and impartial investigation.  The disgraced multi-millionaire financier hanged himself in his jail cell in the Special Housing Unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in southern Manhattan, New York City.  He was taken off of suicide watch for some reason, even though he had tried to hang himself in his cell once before just a few weeks ago.  Epstein was charged with paying girls under the age of 18 to perform sex acts at his Manhattan and Florida mansions between 2002 and 2005. 

Epstein was a close friend of Donald Trump, although Trump recently claimed they had a falling out; Epstein was also associated with former President Bill Clinton, lending his personal jet for Clinton's Haiti relief efforts.  Court papers last week revealed that UK's Prince Andrew was accused of groping a woman at Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan apartment in 2001; Buckingham Palace denies this.  Allegations also were hurled at former US Senator George Mitchell and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, both of whom are seasoned international diplomats and both of whom deny the accusations.  Ultimately, the investigation will likely be handled by the US Justice Department, which is leaded by Attorney General William Barr - whose father hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at an elite school.  Barr said he is appalled at Epstein's death.

More than 60,000 people demonstrated in Moscow's largest protest since 2011, demanding officials hold fair elections with opposition candidates allowed to stand for office.  The protests have been building since officials blocked several opposition candidates from appearing on upcoming municipal elections in September.  The anger has only intensified because of the police crackdown on the earlier protests.

A gunman opened fire inside a mosque in Norway, injuring one person.  The shooter is described by police as a young, white male, and The Verge is reporting that before the shooting he posted his intentions on 8chan - the bulletin board favored by racists, pedophiles, and video gamers with misogynist worldviews - and tried to livestream the shooting on Facebook.  People at the Al-Noor Islamic Centre, near the capital Oslo, overpowered the shooter and held him until police could arrive.

At least 60 people are dead and dozens are burned after a fuel tank exploded in Tanzania.  As has happened several times recently, the tanker had overturned about 200 kilometers west of the port city of Dar es Salaam; locals were trying to fill their containers with any fuel they could get when the blast occurred.

About two million Muslims are gathered in Mecca, Saudi Arabia for the annual pilgrimage known as the Hajj.

India's Congress Party is keeping it all in the family.  Sonia Gandhi has been named interim leader after her son Rahul basically ran the party of his visionary great-grandfather into the ground earlier this year with its worst election showing since independence.  Party activists are reportedly leaning towards Rahul's sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to become the next party leader; she just entered politics for the first time in January.