Hello Australia!! - One person is killed in a massive clash between nazi scum and anti-racists - Trump refuses to call out racial hatred as white nationalist trash go on a crime spree - A police helicopter monitoring the nazi riot crashes, killing two - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

One person has been murdered and dozens are injured after a day of chaos starring Donald Trump's voter base in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The death occurred when a silver Dodge Challenger plowed into a crowd of anti-racist counter demonstrators waving LGBTQ flags and "Black Lives Matter" signs.
Speeding up
Murder in progress
Trying to escape
The car was seen speeding up and deliberately ramming the crowd and two other vehicles, and then reversing at a high rate of speed.  Police later caught up and arrested the driver.  At least 19 people were injured at the scene of the vehicular assault.

This was the evil highlight of the "unite the right" gathering which sought to bring various white nationalist and racist groups together to provoke people as well as commit assault and battery in the Left-wing college town that voted 80 percent for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in last year's election.  Earlier in the day, the streets fell into chaos as nazi scum showed up hours before the planned noon rally, brandishing home-made pepper spray, clubs, and shields with sharp protrusions.  The Antifa and other Left-wing counter protesters were not armed as well, nor did many from the latter group seemed prepared for real street fighting.  Another 20 or so people were wounded there.  The police largely stayed on the sidelines as they did in Berkeley, California earlier this year and allowed the nazis to run amok. 

The night before, hundreds of nazi scum with torches (reportedly, tiki torches from walmart, SMDH) marched through town, surrounding a much smaller group of anti-racist protesters.  The nazis chanted, "Blood and soil" (the slogan of the nazi Germany agriculture department) and "Jews will not replace us!" which seemed odd because I am unaware of any Jew that wants to take the place of stupid, smelly, underemployed backwoods cousin-f**kers.  It looked like a poor version of a Leni Riefenstahl film in color, and again the cops just watched and did nothing.  Compare that to the police and military response to "black lives matter" protests over the past few years during which cops were seen pointing weapons to unarmed, mostly black, civilians.

Eventually, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency and town leaders revoked the rally permit of the right-wingers.  The damage was done by that point.

Interrupting his golfing vacation, Donald Trump failed in his duties twice:  He maintained Twitter silence over several hours of the right-wing terrorism in Charlottesville, and when he did he issued a weak, limp call for "unity" - quite a reversal from someone who almost always pinpoints and names the targets of his ire, usually by name.  Later, the orange-clown appeared before cameras to offend anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together by falsely suggesting "many sides" were to blame for the deadly violence at a white nationalist rally. 

Virginia's top prosecutor immediately tweeted that the "violence, chaos, and apparent loss of life in Charlottesville is not the fault of 'many sides.'  It is racists and white supremacists."  Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of Los Angeles tweeted that Trump "needs to speak out against the poisonous resurgence of white supremacy.  There are not 'many sides' here, just right and wrong".  Republican Senators Cory Gardner and Marco Rubio both called out the president for ignoring the racism and refusing to label the car attack as "domestic terrorism". 

A couple of hours after the crowds had dispersed, a Virginia State Police helicopter that had been assigned to monitor the white nationalist violence crashed into the bush near the Birdwood Golf Course at the University of Virginia in Albemarle County.  Both police officers aboard were killed.  The Lynchburg News and Advance newspaper reported, "Neighbors say the helicopter hovered low over houses before going into nearby woods."  It's not clear if the crash is definitively linked to the white, male, terrorist violence.


Even Latin American country that have "swung to the right" condemned Donald Trump for threatening military action against Venezuela.  Argentina said dialogue and diplomacy were the only ways to promote democracy in Venezuela; Other countries also condemned Trump's comments, including Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.  Trump on Friday appeared to ad-lib a threat against Venezuela when asked about the political violence there.

Post-election violence has killed 24 to 36 people in Kenya, even after assurances that the election the sent President Uruhu Kenyatta back for another term was legitimate. 

Egypt's transport minister says the train crash at Alexandria that killed 41 people and injured more than a hundred more was caused by human error.