Hello Australia!! - Is the US about to back out of a promise to Australia? - Poland defies Europe - A sudden surge in cocaine output years after the cartel wars - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

US officials abruptly vacated the Australian-run offshore detention center on Nauru last week, raising fears that the Trump government in Washington is about to renege on its promise to resettle many of the detainees in America.  "US (officials) were scheduled to be on Nauru until July 26 but they left on Friday," said one anonymous refugee to the Reuters News Agency.  The Australian Immigration Department declined to comment.  Earlier this year, Donald Trump said the agreement between the US and Australia to swap refugees was a "dumb deal".

Three people were killed in a fire high up in a luxury high rise in Honolulu, Hawaii, near Waikiki beach.  Fire sprinklers were not required in The Marco Polo apartments, and thus the fire spread beyond the 26th storey unit were it began.  Surviving residents have mostly been allowed back in the building, although many are concerned about the rapid spread of the fire: "For the fire to get this out of control is a little suspicious. Either the fire department was late in response or there was something going on in that unit," said 32nd storey resident Patrick Williamson.

Poland's parliament approved a law to allow the ultra-conservative ruling party to appoint judges at will, leading to fears of stacking the judiciary.  Opponents of the new law will protest in Warsaw on Sunday.  This will further strain Warsaw's relationship with the EU, where the Human Rights commissioner already labeled the changes "a major setback for judicial independence".

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed tens of thousands of government supporters at a large rally to mark one year since the failed coup attempt.  Erdogan backed the death penalty for coup plotters and vowed to make them appear in their trials wearing "Guantanamo"-style orange uniforms.

Colombia is producing more cocaine, with output of the illicit drug increasing by one third in 2016.  The UN Office on Drugs and Crime blames it on the end of a program to spray defoliant on areas known to grow coca crops.  Local analysts say the Colombian government has been too slow to offer alternative crops to farmers in areas that were formerly held by rebel militias until this year.

Snow of a different kind in Santiago, as temperatures dip below freezing on the Chilean capital.  It's a very rare event, and not without its problems:  At least one death is reported, power is cut off to at least 250,000 customers as snow collapsed trees onto electric transmission lines, sporting events were canceled, and traffic was a mess.

Eight people died when a wall collapsed at during a football final at Demba Diop stadium in Dakkar, Senegal.  Some reports suggest that the wall collapsed as people tried to climb it to avoid tear gas fired by police to stop a fight.