Hello Australia!! - Rock and Roll's first guitar hero has died - The US tries to push the world into a new era of protectionism - Trump doesn't know WTF he's talking about - Killer flooding strikes Peru - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The founding father of Rock and Roll Chuck Berry is dead at age 90.  Berry was the nascent musical form's first guitar hero in the 1950s, combining solid chops with showmanship and his famous "duck walk", and changing the beat from a swing to a swagger.  His hits include "Johnny B. Goode", "Sweet Little Sixteen", "Maybellene", "Roll Over Beethoven", and of course, "Rock and Roll Music".  Berry attributed his success to writing his lyrics about the subjects that interested teenagers:  Love, cars, school, et cetera.  After a prison stint on morals charges in the 1960s, he came back in the 1970s with the novelty song - "My Ding-a-Ling", which allowed him to reintroduce his true legacy to a younger audience.  John Lennon once said, "If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'."

The two most important issues to the G20 - free trade and climate change - were left out of the final communique from the Group of Twenty's meeting in Baden Baden, Germany, under pressure from the newly protectionist US.  First-time G20 Summit attendee and US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said, "I couldn't be happier with the outcome."  Representing a pathological lair, conman, and mental defective who believes that global warming is a "Chinese hoax", Mnuchin's successful push of his boss's "America First" agenda was a defeat for the host nation.  However, most ministers say there was no reversal of policy and they hope to get back to normal at the leaders' meeting in Hamburg in July.

The cowardly orange clown waited until German Chancellor Angela Merkel had left the White House to unleash an idiotic tweet barrage criticizing Germany's role in NATO, which he clearly does not understand.  Tweeting from the toilet at Mar-a-Lago, the moron said, "Germany owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!"  Except that it doesn't work like that.  NATO members aren't "paying" the US for protection.  And the US has benefited from a stable and prosperous Europe.  But the clown doesn't understand that.

French security forces shot and killed a man who tried to grab a rifle from a guard at Paris Orly Airport.  As has become typical of these sort of attackers in France, the 39-year old dead guy Ziyed Ben Belgacem was already known to police as a career dirt bag with drug and robbery raps on his pedigree before he became "radicalized" in prison.  He reportedly yelled, "I am here to die for Allah," before French cops helped him out with at least part of that request.  Before the Orly attack, the same gunman is believed to have fired shots at a bar.  Police are searching his home in the Seine-Saint-Denis area, and investigators are interviewing his father and brother.

A letter bomb that exploded at the International monetary Fund (IMF) office in Paris had been mailed from Greece, say investigators.  The woman who opened it suffered injuries to her face, arm, and hearing.  A Greek anarchist group had earlier claimed responsibility for an unsuccessful mail bomb that was intercepted before reaching its target in Germany.  There is widespread dissatisfaction with the economy in Greece, and many blame the IMF and European creditors for Greece's continuing troubles.

Thousands marched in Paris in support of Leftist presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melanchon, but unfortunately the guy doesn't have a chance in next month's presidential election.

At least 72 people are dead in record flooding in Peru, and another fortnight of rain could be on the way.  Several days of rain triggered the worst flooding in 30 years, sending torrents of water and mud into the outskirts of the capital Lima.  More than 800 towns and villages have declared flood emergencies.  Potable water systems have been inundated and food deliveries are being disrupted as well.

Brazil cops detained a meat industry executive in a growing probe into rotten meat being sold in the marketplace.  Roney Nogueira of BRF SA - one of the big two exporters - turned himself in a day after investigators across the country began dismantling what was described as a "mafia" of meat-packers who sold bad meat, and corrupt inspectors who took money to look the other way.  Brazil has become a top exporter of meat, chopping down those pesky rainforests to make room for cattle grazing land. 

Taiwan is accusing China of increasing spying activities on the island.  The head of the parliamentary defense committee says Beijing has a network of spies and saboteurs masquerading as academics or business people to try and sow chaos within Taiwanese society.  This comes after the arrest of one the vice president's bodyguards on charges of spying for Beijing.

Do not forget the Chibok School Girls, says one of the girls who escaped from their Boko Haram terrorist captors in Nigeria.  "These girls are human beings, not something that we can forget about," said the young woman who spoke under an assumed name at an education summit in Dubai.  The third anniversary of the kidnapping of more than 270 girls is next month.  Some escaped, others were rescued by Nigeria's military, but Boko Haram is believed to still be holding 195 of them.