Hello Australia!! - Chile in chaos as students seek to break their economic chains - The UK Parliament forces Johnson to do what he hates the most - Does Turkey actually control its forces in Syria? - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

President Sebastian Pinera decared a state of emergency in Chile in the face of massive, widespread protests by students and workers over the cost of healthcare, education and public service.  What began as fare-dodging to protest a hike in the subway fee was met with a disproportionate police response, fanning the flames until the flames were literal - masked demonstrators torched buses and the local headquarters of an Italian oil company.  "The aim is to ensure public order and the safety of public and private property," Mr. Pinera said in a televised address, "There will be no room for violence in a country with the rule of law at its core."  Under the Pinochet-era constitution, the emergency can last up to 15 days.  The Chilean student federation has called a nationwide strike for Monday.

Two US officials told CNN that Turkey has yet again violated the cease-fire in northern Syria, after its forces invaded to drive the Kurds off of the border region.  Turkey denies it, but one of the officials said the Turkish-backed forces were either acting outside of Ankara's control or Turkey "didn’t care what they did".  Dozens of injured people are being evacuated out of the besieged border town of Ras al-Ayn, which Turkish forces haven't stopped shelling.  

Tens of thousands of People's Vote protesters cheered when they learned that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was defeated in Parliament yet again.  This time, Commons decided not to approve the deal that Mr. Johnson had reached to take the UK out of the European Union until all related legislation is passed along with it - meaning that Johnson is legally compelled to seek yet another delay to the Brexit.  He phoned EU chief Donald Tusk to inform him that a delay request is coming, but still hopes to get his way on the deal and achieve Brexit by 31 October.

Thousands of Italian fascists and far-right supporters rallied in Rome, invoking the morbid ghost of 1922 when Mussolini took power.  The gathering of right-wing parties featured their leaders:  Matteo Salvini of The League, which tempestuously quit government this year, forcing its old coalition partner to create a new coalition with the center-Left; Sylvio Berlusconi of Forza Italia, the four-time prime minister embroiled in criminal scandal after criminal scandal; and Giorgia Meloni of the smaller far-right Brothers of Italy, whose popularity has been rising.  All claimed that "democracy had been robbed" when the Five Star Movement reformed government with the Democrats after Salvini's failed move.

A dam collapse outside of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia killed at least 15 people.  The water flooded worker cabins at a gold mine, and now officials opened a criminal investigation over allegations of criminal safety violations.