Hello Australia!! - Looks like the US will be calling on Allies to act in the Persian Gulf again - Thousands accuse Russia of rigging its election - Hong Kong's big bust - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The US is working on a way to ensure freedom of navigation through the Strait of Hormuz, after Iran seized a British tanker.  The concept called "Sentinel" would have US and allied countries "able to observe activity in the Gulf with intelligence and surveillance assets, having a naval and air presence to restore stability and also having capability to respond," said Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood said at the Aspen Security Forum on Saturday.  The UK accused Iran of commandeering the tanker Stena Impero in retaliation for British authorities seizing an Iranian tanker near Gibraltar two weeks ago, allegedly for smuggling Iranian oil in violation of international economic sanctions.  Although the timing sure fits, Iran says the Stena Impero hit an Iranian fishing vessel and tried to sail away - releasing video of its commandos taking the ship.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel used the 75th anniversary of the plot to kill Hitler to rally against the creeping fascism and racism brought by nationalist political parties.  "This day is a reminder to us, not only of those who acted on July 20, but also of everyone who stood up against Nazi rule," she said, "We are likewise obliged today to oppose all tendencies that seek to destroy democracy.  That includes right-wing extremism."  Far-right violence has been raising in Germany, and the country is said to have as many as 24,000 far-right extremists.  Very few of them had the schnitzel to show up for a planned rally in Kassel - only about a dozen of the expected 500 attended in their spiffy matching t-shirts, and were vastly outnumbered by 8,000 anti-nazi protesters, including local Antifa groups.

Tens of thousands in Moscow demanded free and fair elections, calling on authorities to allow opposition parties to run in local elections in February.  Several candidates - including leading anti-Putin diisident Alexei Navalny - were disallowed from running, even though they had gathered more than the required 5,000 signature on nominating petitions.  "We will show them this is a dangerous game.  We should fight for our candidates," said Mr. Navalny, vowing that next week's rally would be even bigger if election authorities don't relent.

Hong Kong police claim to have found the biggest cache of illegal explosives ever, in a raid linked to the ongoing protests over the future of the semi-autonomous city.  The haul reportedly included two kilos of the highly volatile TATP, as well as 10 petrol bombs, acidic substances, other weapons including knives and metal rods, as well as gas masks and goggles.  A 27 year old man from a pro-independence group was arrested.