Hello Australia!! - The country where violence against women is recognized as a national crisis - Trump is causing dissent in the military - Samoa's fight against Measles - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Protests condemning violence against women filled France's cities with hundreds of thousands of marchers.  France has one of Europe's highest domestic violence rates, with reports saying 115 to 130 women died as a result in this year alone.  Organizing under the social media hashtag #NousToutes("All of Us") and marching with purple banners, people are accusing authorities of failing to take the problem seriously.  "We think this will be a historic march," said organizer Caroline De Haas, adding that "the level of awareness (about the problem) is moving at breakneck speed".

The death toll in Samoa's Measles epidemic has grown to 20 lives lost - 19 children younger than five years and one adult.  More than 200 new cases have been diagnosed since Thursday out of a total of 1,644 suspected infections, and that number is probably much high by now.  UNICEF - which is distributing more than 110,000 doses of the measles vaccine - says the nation's measles vaccination rate is only about 28 to 40 percent.  The government is cracking down on anti-vaxxers: "Any person that actively discourages or prevents in any way members of the community from receiving their vaccination injection, is hereby warned, to cease immediately, and is similarly warned not to take any further action of that kind," read the warning.  Last week, Samoa made the measles vaccine mandatory.

At least 29 people have been killed in Kenya by landslides caused by heavy rain and flooding.  Villages away from the urbanized areas have been cut off by flooded roads and at least one bridge was reportedly swept away.  

The Mayor of Bogota, Colombia announced a curfew to help authorities deal with massive protests against the country's very unpopular conservative president Ivan Duque, who is promising to launch a "national dialogue" about discontent his crappy policies.  Many of the protesters want a return to peace negotiations with Leftist rebels, a process that earned his predecessor the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.  But Duque rejected that only for Colombia to see a rise in violence.  Other complaints include plans to hack away at minimum wage and pensions while cutting the tax rate on rich people, and the privatization of state-owned companies.

Pro-Democracy groups are urging people not to disrupt today's local elections in Hong Kong, hoping to send a message to Beijing with big victories for candidates that favor more autonomy from the central government.  Authorities warned that voting will be halted if there is civil unrest.  The city has been gripped by more than five months of civic strife over what is seen as Beijing's desire to chip away at Hong Kong's status as a special city with a different system as the rest of the mainland.

And now..

The US Secretary of the Navy is reportedly denying a report that he had threatened to resign over Donald Trump's embrace of US war criminals - specifically, that case of Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, a Navy SEAL accused by his fellow special ops soldiers of murdering a wounded ISIS militant in Iraq in 2017.  Gallagher was acquitted of the most serious charges, but officials want to boot him out of the elite ranks of the SEALS.  Trump tweeted that they'd better not.  

But Secretary Spencer told the White House that a tweet is not an order and if Trump wants to end the review board of Gallagher, he needs to do so in writing, according to officials who spoke with NBC News.  Trump also ordered that murder charges be dismissed against Army Green Beret Major Matt Golsteyn, who admitted to murdering an Afghan man in 2010.  And he pardoned Army 1st Lieutenant Clint Lorance, who already convicted of murder and was serving a 19-year sentence at Leavenworth federal penitentiary.