Hello Australia!! - The Wuhan Virus is causing a "grave situation" in China, even as Australian infections grow - The lid lifts on Kashmir - A general asnites US-trained troops carried out a notorious Cold War massacre - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Australia now has four confirmed cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus, three in a hospital in Sydney and one man being treated in Melbourne.  All had been traveling in China.  The 2019-nCoV has now infected more than 1,400 globally since appearing in December, killing at least 41 people in China - that includes one of the doctors trying to stop it in the place it first crossed over from animals to people, Wuhan in Hubei Province.  China's President Xi Jinping says his country is facing a "grave situation" and the government is taking more and more steps to control the spread.  Instead of teaming with crowds celebrating the Lunar New Year this weekend, streets are empty; Hubei is locked down, and the sick are not allowed to travel; Xi suspended all domestic and overseas tourist groups.  

The Year of the Rat started on a depressing note in New York City, too, after fire ravaged the Museum of Chinese in America.  More than 85,000 artifacts and exhibits were destroyed.  At least they had a lion danceAlso in Paris.

India is slowly lifting its lock-down on Kashmir.  Very, very limited access to the internet is now allowed to a couple hundred approved sites, and only 2G at that; most social media is still blocked.  The conservative Modi government snapped off internet and phone services in Kashmir on 5 August after stripping the Muslim-majority region of its limited autonomy by scrapping Articles 370 and 35A of the country's constitution.  Rumors of violent government crackdowns have filtered out since then, but most communications have been impossible.

In Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial in the United States Senate:  White House lawyers began their rebuttal to the Democrats' presentation of mounds of evidence showing that Trump abused his power in trying strong-arm Ukraine into performing a political hit-job on his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, and tried to cover it up by obstructing the investigation.  The Republicans' case seems to rest on claiming that impeachment would be a reversal of the 2016 presidential election (in which trump did NOT get the majority of votes, BTW).  

Those anti-government/anti-austerity protests are still going strong in Chile.  Cops used tear gas and water cannons on protesters in Santiago, but they're hanging tough.

Iraqi security forces raided anti-government protest camps in Tahrir Square in Baghdad, as well as in Basra and Nasiriyah, shooting live rounds and tear gas.  At least three protesters have been killed.  For months, protesters have been demanding an end to corruption and a new government, and in recent days called for the exit of US Troops from the country.

The death toll from the earthquake in eastern Turkey is at least 29 lives lost, but at least this lady was rescued from the rubble.

A retired El Salvadoran military commander is for the first time acknowledging that US-trained troops carried out the El Mozote massacre of more than 1,000 civilians, mostly women and children, in December of 1981.  The troops were searching for Leftist rebels in and around the village of El Mozote, 180 kilometers northeast of the capital San Salvador.  Former Air Force commander Juan Rafael Bustillo denied any responsibility, and blamed a long-dead Army colonel who was regarded as a hero to El Salvadoran conservatives.  "War sometimes gives rise to something in the minds of people that attaches no value to the lives of others," said Bustillo.  Sixteen other ex-military officials are being tried for their roles in the bloodshed.