Hello Australia!! - London police arrest another suspect in an infamous homophobic attack - Warsaw defies homophobia from the Polish government - A look at persecuting journalists - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

So, what other countries persecute journalists?  Russia has arrested and charged reporter Ivan Golunov with drug dealing.  His lawyer says Russian authorities planted the drugs on him, the 36-year old journalist for the Latvia-based news site Meduza is being "being persecuted because of his journalistic activity", and his client was denied food in jail for at least 24 hours.  The BBC said police initially tried to pass out photos of alleged drug paraphernalia taken from Golunuv's home, only to quickly admit it was from an earlier arrest and withdraw the pics.  The arrest sparked protests in cities around Russia - more than a dozen people were arrested.

Sudan's military arrested three prominent opposition figures after they met the Ethiopian prime minister who was in Khartoum to try to restart peace talks.  This comes days after the military cracked down on the pro-democracy protests that toppled the former president Omar al-Bashir in April, only for the military to take and keep power.  On Thursday, the African Union suspended Sudan's membership "with immediate effect" but that doesn't seem to be swaying the military.

Syria's Bashir al-Assad is getting his revenge on the rebellious parts of his country.  Rights groups say government forces have been demolishing housing and infrastructure in the city of Qaboun outside Damascus, and other recaptured areas that used to be run by opposition groups.  At the same, the government has been installing new statues of Assad and his father Hafez al-Assad, and critics say it's a way for the regime to tell dissidents that it is back in charge as the Syrian Civil War winds down.

London Metro police arrested a fifth suspect in the homophobic attack on two women on a double-decker bus that invoked so much scorn on social media last week.  All of the suspects are between 15 and 18 years of age.  The attack is being treated as a hate crime by the Metropolitan police, as well as a robbery because the suspects allegedly made off with a mobile phone.

Tens of thousands of people joined Warsaw's Pride Parade on Saturday, and the numbers were up in a stinging rebuke of the country's far right government that has tried to portray the LGBTQ event as a threat to the nation.  A far-right government-aligned journalist for state TV even suggested that people should "shoot" at LGBT people.  In response, the Mayor of the Polish capital Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski came out to the lead the parade.  "Not everyone has to go to the Equality Parade but everyone should respect minority rights," Trzaskowski told the crowd from a parade float, "It's really important for me that Warsaw be open, that Warsaw be tolerant."

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reopened a key border crossing with Colombia, and thousands crossed over in the outbound lane to get consumer items from Colombia that aren't available back home.  Mr. Maduro had to close the borders for the past four months during the failed US-backed coup attempt.  Crossings to Aruba and Brazil opened last month.