Hello Australia!! - Is Bolsonaro declaring war on democracy? - Hindu mobs stalk Muslims as Trump and Modi wrap up their meetings - The latest on Covid-19 - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The death toll from religious-nationalist violence in Delhi has risen to 27, and Indian police accused of turning a blind eye to Hindu mobs assaulting Muslims, their homes and businesses, and mosques.  It started with the Muslims and their allies protesting the Hindu Nationalist government's new citizenship law, which widely restricts Muslim immigration to India.  Muslim-majority neighborhoods, such as Maujpur, Mustafabad, Jaffrabad, and Shiv Vihar, are littered with stones, broken glass, burned-out cars.  US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel said he was "deeply troubled" over the deaths; wrapping up his India visit, Donald Trump congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for defending "religious freedom".

A watchdog group says the US has under-counted the number of civilians it killed in Somalia.  The UK-based Airwars reports US-backed airstrikes killed between 71 and 139 civilians in the east African country since 2007.  That's about 6,800 percent greater than the claim from US African Command (AFRICOM), which claims only two civilians were killed in that time.  

In the Syrian Civil War - which just won't seem to end - Russian-backed Syrian forces attacked the last rebel strongholds in Idlib, killing at least 21 people including nine children.  The violence in Idlib has forced hundreds of thousands - and by some accounts over 1 million - people to flee to squalid camps near the Turkish border.  Just a couple of weeks from completing its ninth year, this conflict has killed as many as 585,000 people. https://www.scrivolibero.it/scegli-i-bonus-e-le-cripto-valute-piu-sicure-scegli-sempre-i-casino-online-che-utilizzano-bitcoin/

Brazil's far-right dictator wanna-be Jair Bolsonaro is endorsing an upcoming anti-democracy demonstration that threatens to make the US "Unite the Right" rally in 2017 pale in comparison.  Called "F*ck You Day" by some of the extremist and racist groups following Bolsonaro, fliers are targeting opposition lawmakers and calling for a return to dictatorship.  Brazil's democracy is facing "an extremely serious institutional crisis" according to former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.  "To remain silent would be to concur," Cardoso tweeted, "We must shout while we still have a voice," he said, calling for counter-protests.  Even Sao Paulo's right-wing governor, Joao Doria, denounced Bolsonaro's "deplorable" move:  "Brazil fought so hard to rescue its democracy.  We must vehemently reject any act that disrespects this country's democratic institutions and pillars."

Tennis star Maria Sharapova is retiring from the sport at age 32.

For the first time in the Covid-19 outbreak, there are more new cases outside mainland China than within.  Pakistan, Brazil, Bahrain, Kuwait, Greece, Norway are among the nations reporting new infections, with most of the cases related to some of the existing trouble spots in the word:  Northern Italy, Iran, South Korea, and of course China.  There were 427 new cases reported by 37 countries, compared with 411 by China.  Worldwide, more than 2,700 people have died of teh coronavirus out of 81,000 infections.

Meteor burns up streaking across the Arizona sky in the southwest US.