Howdy Australia!! - Trump leaves the NATO summit after being mocked by other leaders - A cowardly attack on immigrant children - Radiation is found where Japan wants to hold an important Olympic event - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Donald Trump cancelled his wrap-up news conference and exited the NATO summit in London early after video surfaced of world leaders standing around talking about him - disparagingly.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Britain's Princess Anne are seen in the "hot mic" moment; they appear to be mocking Trump for lengthy news conferences and noting how Trump's own staff is often caught by surprise for the things he says.  Later, Trump complained that Trudeau is "two faced", and then was caught on yet another open mic congratulating himself.

Bomb squad officers in Madrid carried out a controlled detonation of a hand grenade thrown into a center for immigrant children.  The center for unaccompanied foreign minors in the north-east of the Spanish capital had recently been singled out for criticism by the far-right Vox Party.  "This is what hate speech brings," Adriana Lastra, the vice-secretary general of the ruling Socialist party, wrote on Twitter.  "It needs to be fought online, on the streets and in our institutions."

Germany is expelling two Russian diplomats after determining that the murder of a Chechen dissident in a Berlin park was possibly ordered by either Russia or its Chechen Republic.  Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters at the NATO Summit, "We took this decision because we did not see that Russia was supporting us in clearing this murder."  Moscow says the allegations are "absolutely groundless" and says it will retaliate.  

Greenpeace detected radiation hotspots near the starting point of the upcoming Olympic torch relay in Fukushima.  The campaigner detected some spots with radiation levels as high as 1.7 microsieverts per hour when measured one meter above the surface and 71 microsieverts per hour at the surface level - Japan's own national safety regulation caps the radiation exposure at 0.23 microsieverts per hour.  Despite this, the Japanese government claims the area is safe.  Greenpeace is calling for fresh and transparent monitoring of radiation from the devastated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant where the radiactive fuel of three reactors melted through the floor and into the ground following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.  

The Los Angeles Police Department yanked a veteran officer from active duty after he was caught on his own body camera fondling the breasts of a dead woman.  The cop had turned off the recording device, perhaps unaware that it keeps recording for two minutes after being turned off, and officials found the extremely creepy footage during a random inspection.  The cop union said that if proven true, the officer's alleged behavior with the woman's corpse "has no place in law enforcement".