Sorry, I meant alleged Morons.  America is weird.  Two brothers in the midwestern town of Wichita celebrated their winning lottery ticket by purchasing some Pot and Meth and blowing up the house.

One of the men is hospitalized, and when he recovered he will likely join the other in jail.

Police say the men were allowing tanks of the volatile gas butane to drain out, so they can be refilled for use in lighting their bongs.  The vapors reached the pilot light in the gas furnace and.. BOOOOOM.

The victim’s girlfriend loaded him and the kids into a car and took him to the emergency room, where she abandoned him.

Police arrived at the scene to find the other brother who confessed on the spot.

The lottery ticket was worth $75,000, which is considerably less than the value of the house, any damages to the neighbor’s property, and the brother’s own impending legal bills.