You have to wonder what kind of atrocity it will take to shake America into truly facing its gun problem.  The latest is the death of a 6-month-old baby girl who was shot several times while her father changed her diaper.

This horrific scene played out Monday on Chicago’s bleak, economically depressed southeast side.

Police say 28-year-old Jonathan Watkins was bent over the girl to change her on the front passenger seat of the family van when someone came up behind him and opened fire.  The shooter then ran off to a blue van and escaped.

Little Johnylah Watkins died after lingering for a night in hospital.  She was hit in the thigh, shoulder, lung, liver, and bowels. 

Her father is in critical condition.  Police say he has gang affiliations. 

Chicago has strict gun control laws, but “straw purchasers” buy guns outside the city limits and then resell them to gangs.  More people were murdered in Chicago and surrounding towns than were Americans killed in Afghanistan in the ten years of that war.