Hackers are keeping computer security people very busy at Apple and Facebook.  What’s not clear is if these attacks are related to what’s coming from a building in Shanghai that a new report says is the base of the Chinese Military’s high-tech hijinks.

It’s a rare admission from the Palo Alto firm, that hackers were able to compromise the personal Mac Computers belonging to some Apple employees.  Apple doesn’t usually go into details about such attacks and prides itself on its operating system being safer than the rival Windows.  But the attackers were able to infect the Macs with malicious code.  Apple says it is working with law enforcement to track the source.

Last week, Facebook admitted that hackers were able to breach some employees’ computers.  Both Apple and Facebook say no data appears to have been stolen.  Some of the biggest American newspapers say they’ve been targeted as well.

This coincides with a report making waves in international security circles.  It comes from the computer security firm Mandiant, which identifies a building near downtown Shanghai, China as the semi-secret headquarters of People's Liberation Army Unit 61398, complete with a hacker’s group calling itself “The Comment Crew”.  Semi-secret because Beijing does not acknowledge it, even though it has a big Red Star over the door and everyone in the neighborhood knows who's going in and out.  Mandiant says the Comment Crew has conducted more than 140 attacks since 2006, stealing "hundreds of terabytes of data".