Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.  Nor if you're not willing or able to pay the $2.25 that would have pretty much allowed you to get away without anyone knowing what was hidden under your shirt.

A judge sentenced a New York City man to 7 years in prison for illegally carrying a loaded Smith and Wesson .40 semiautomatic handgun onto the Subway.  They found it because he tried to skip around paying the $2.25 fare for a subway ride.  This happened last autumn at Manhattan's 14th street station, one of the system's busiest used by thousands of commuters daily.

37-year old Ruben Sanabia will also have to serve 42 months of parole after getting out of the slam.  Prosecutors have no regrets about the harsh sentence, as America wakes up to the reality of widespread gun violence.