Police arrested the lead singer of a Grammy-nominated heavy metal band for allegedly plotting to have his estranged wife murdered.

Tim Lambesis is vocalist and co-founder of “As I Lay Dying” (wasn't this stuff destroyed by parody years ago?).  San Diego County cops in sunny California opened their investigation when they say Lambesis contacted someone he thought was a hitman to strangle his wife.

But it wasn’t a hitman, it was an undercover cop.  It’s always an undercover cop.

“As I Lay Dying” has at times been described in the media as a Christian group.  However, Lambesis said this year in an interview with heavy metal website Noisecreep that group members wanted “to be judged on the music” rather than be judged on their “personal beliefs.”  ‘Turns out the answer was “neither”, because now he’s going to be judged on the evidence.