Recovery crews in Dhaka, Bangladesh found dozens more bodies in the wreckage of Rana Plaza, bringing the death toll in the building collapse to 804 lives lost.

It has been two weeks since the collapse of the 8-story building, and any human remains found new are badly decomposed.  The fallen workers are being identified through their ID cards and clothing.  Others might need DNA tests to determine the identities, but in such an impoverished nation. The cost of such testing will be a factor.

The Rana Plaza Collapse is the largest-ever industrial disaster in Bangladesh and has sparked outrage among all workers throughout the country, not just the garment industry that suffered the worst casualties. 

Bangladesh is closing garment factories that are not up to safety standards.  “We'll ensure ILO standards in terms of compliance,” says Bangladesh’s Textile Minister Abdul Latif Siddique, “We have seen that those who claim to be the best compliant factories in Bangladesh have not fully abided by building regulations.”

There’s no indication of how many people actually where in the building.  With 804 dead and 2,437 rescued, recovery crews have already surpassed earlier estimates.  But the workers say they’ll keep going until the last body is recovered.