Australia’s consumer watchdogs have prompted an investigation into the high price of products from Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe.

Simply put, these products are more expensive in Oz than in other parts of the world.  A quick scan of the Apple websites for Australia and the US show the price of iPads running about $20 - $30 over in the land down under.  The current exchange rate separates the two currencies by only a few pennies, and does not account for the higher prices in Australia.

The consumer watchdog group CHOICE says that when compared to American tech buyers, Australians shell out more than 30 percent more for software; More than 40 percent for computer hardware; More than 50 percent more for iTunes music; and More than 80 percent more for Wii games.

Hearings take place in the House of Representatives Committee for Infrastructure and Communications on Friday, March 22.  Representatives from Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe are summoned to attend.