It’s a death trap.  It’s a suicide rap.  And those are the nice parts!

Of the 50 American States, New Jersey holds the indignity of having the highest moving out-to-moving in ratio.  According to Forbes and United Van Lines, 62% of last year’s moves were headed out of state.  The last time these figures came around in 2011, New Jersey’s republican Governor Chris Christie blamed high taxes.  But independent fact-checkers said that’s just not the case.  High housing costs are to blame, it simply costs too much to live in the land of Diners, Beach Boardwalks, and America’s Rocking Working Class hero Bruce Springsteen.  Not far behind the TV home of Snooki and The Situation are the Great Lakes states of Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin all losing residents.

Where in America are people going?  Washington, D.C. for its federal jobs and growing tech sector, even though housing costs are pretty much the same as New Jersey; To the Carolinas and Oregon, culturally polar extremes but sharing low housing costs; and recession weary Americans are still willing to roll the dice on Nevada, home state to gambling Meccas of Las Vegas and Reno.