A member of Spain’s Defense Ministry was killed in a fiery plane crash at an airfield near Madrid that was captured on video.

Horrified spectators watched as the plane piloted by 35-year old Ladislao Tejedor Romero came in too low, disappeared behind some buildings and erupted into a giant fireball.  The plane struck the hangars that house the National Police Force’s helicopters and was just 500 meters from where the main group of spectators was viewing. 

Another amateur videographer was with a separate group of people watching from the street outside the airfield and wound up way too close to the explosion.

Witnesses said Romero came down much lower than pilots had done in past air shows at Cuatro Vientos airfield just southwest of Madrid.

Romero was flying a 1950s-era HA-200 Saeta, one of the jets to be manufactured in Spain.  It was one of many vintage aircraft scheduled to perform aerobatic stunts at the show.

A young woman who suffered first and second degree burns was taken to a local hospital.  And a 57-year-old man who is believed to be the father of the pilot.  Another rescue worker suffered from smoke inhalation and received aid at the scene.  Romero is described as an experienced jet pilot and assistant to Defense Minister Pedro Morenes, and he died of his injuries in the serious burns unit of a hospital less than a kilometer away from the crash.