Sapporo, Japan’s Hachikyo restaurant has a $20 special on "Tsukko Meshi,” which is a bowl of white rice topped with as much Salmon Roe as you want.  The catch is, you’d better actually want as much as you take!

Fishing off Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido is a dangerous business.  So dangerous, that people die trying to bring in the day’s catch.

So Hachikyo’s deal comes with a caveat:  Finish what you start, or pay a fine of $25.  That’s on top of the $20 for the original order.  The fishers risked their lives bringing it to market, and not a single egg will be wasted.

Enjoy this video review of Sapporo, Japan’s Hachikyo by a guy in a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling mask.