An Argentine software company is undoubtedly annoying some in the UK with its new release:  A video game showing the Argentine police recapturing the Falkland Islands from British “terrorists”.

The game starts with a tribute to the Argentine soldiers who died during the failed 1982 war to take the islands, which it called “Las Malvinas”.  The Argentine police start at the cemetery and battle the British across landmarks such as the Christchurch Cathedral, offices of the Falklands Island Company, and newsroom of Penguin News.

The Dattatec Company says it has received no complaints thus far.

30 years after the war, Argentina is reheating old grudges and exploring new avenues to place pressure upon the UK.  Argentina Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman this week led a delegation of Latin American diplomats to the UN, to oppose a recent referendum in which Falkland Islanders chose to remain British.  Argentina maintains the vote is bogus, because the islanders are a transplanted colonial population.

Uruguay’s foreign minister Luis Almagro says the British presence on the Falklands amounts to a NATO outpost, illegal under international law.

Earlier, President Cristina Kirchner asked the new Argentina-born Pope Francis to intervene.  He declined, even though he had stated the UK “usurped” the islands back when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.