The company that makes consumer electronics for clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, Dell, and Sony is denying reports that a female worker committed suicide at the plant.

According to reports from the Chinese blogger’s website Sina Weibo, three workers concerned about job security somehow got onto the roof of Building G14 at the Foxxcon Shenzhen campus.  Two of the workers jumped.

Despite the quick censorship of some of the blogs, some still have photos of the workers on the roof.  Foxxcon came out with two versions of what happened:  One statement said the workers were involved in a labor dispute and were taken from the roof by police; the other denied anything had even taken place.

In 2010, 14 workers committed suicide and four more survived suicide attempts.  That prompted investigations from several Chinese universities and outside NGOs that found Shenzhen was basically a work camp with deplorable conditions and immense pressure put on the virtual-captive workers.

A smaller number of suicides followed in 2011 and 2012, as the company took steps such as installing anti-suicide netting around the sides of towers and forcing workers to sign liability waivers in case of injury or suicide.