What’s the first thing you’d do if you won $50,000 in a Lottery?  Dennis Mahurin of Central Illinois decided he’s going to use it to help people.  And the decision is all the more amazing when you consider that Mahurin himself is homeless.

Dennis Mahurin has been homeless since 1978, and living in a tent outside the Illinois university town of Bloomington. 

When he scratched his instant lottery ticket and found the winning numbers, he was shocked.  But he quickly decided to keep his lifestyle.

“With all the other homeless people around here, I've made up my mind,” Mahurin said, “I'm gonna give them each $100.”

People who know Mahurin aren’t surprised he’s thinking of others.

“He is a great guy, has an awesome sense of humor,” said Sandra Rankin who works at the gas station where Mahurin bought the ticket.

“I care deeply for him and he is a very decent gentleman. He comes into my store three to four times a day.”