The Horsemeat Scandal galloping across Europe is every bit as much about profits as it is about trust in the food supply.  French investigators say one firm has corralled hundreds of thousands of profit by selling cheaper horsemeat as beef.

That French firm is claiming innocence, but authorities say it supplied buyers from 28 companies in 13 countries.  But meat suppliers in Ireland, U.K., France, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Romania and elsewhere are under close scrutiny.  And Romania is trying to deflect much of the blame, insisting its horsemeat was properly labeled when it was exported.

All this began with the discovery of horse blended in with package of hamburgers an Irish Supermarket.  Since then, testing has revealed the widespread but clandestine blending of horse in meat products across Europe, from burgers to frozen Lasagna.  And some say the discovery may only show the tip of the iceberg.

Professor ManMohan Sodhi of London’s City University watches food supply chains and says of the shocking news, “If you had talked to me a month ago, I would have said: ‘No, it would never happen; I completely believe in the [food supply] system.”

But now he has a new message for consumers:  “Watch out for what you eat.”