Soldier, you’re not helping.
An Israeli soldier apparently took a photo down the scope of a rifle aimed at what appears to be the back of a Palestinian boy’s head.  Making matters worse, the soldier who posted the photo to the Internet is barely an adult himself, only 20-years old.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has condemned the photo as inconsistent with its operations and values.

20-year old Mor Ostrovski pulled the photo and closed his personal Instagram account as soon as the bad publicity started rolling in.  But not before it was seen and downloaded by Israeli and Palestinian bloggers.  The group "Electronic Intifada" called attention to it and the international Media followed.

A group of former IDF soldiers called “Breaking The Silence” which is critical of the government’s Palestinian policy posted the photo on its Facebook page alongside a similar photo taken in 2003. The group is condemning a system where "a person can aim a gun at a child just to post a 'cool' picture" and share the memento on the Internet.

Ostrovski has since claimed he did not take the photo but rather found it on the internet and merely shared it.