The Ugandan Army is suspending the search for the notorious warlord Joseph Kony in the Central African Republic (CAR), blaming "hostility" from its new government.  At the same time, the US is offering a reward of up to $5 Million for the arrest or capture of Kony.

The Ugandan troops were in the CAR under a mandate from the African Union, and getting assistance from the US Special Forces.  They’re after Kony and his “Lord’s Resistance Army” (LRA) because he has vowed to replace Uganda’s government with one based on his interpretation of the Ten Commandments. 

So far, that interpretation has included the rape, murder, and mutilation of civilians; forcibly recruiting child soldiers; selling children as sex slaves.

But the CAR government fell to a different set of rebels who ousted the president.  And the rebels remain largely unrecognized by their African neighbors.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has written that Kony will not be easy to find, because "The LRA is broken down into small bands of rebels, scattered throughout dense jungle, hidden by dense canopy, controlling territory through tactics of fear and intimidation."

Kony was put under the spotlight by an Internet short documentary called “Kony 2012” that went viral and reached almost 10 Million viewers.