Roman Catholic Cardinals gathered in Rome are apparently in no hurry to pick a replacement for Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI, even though one of his last official acts was to change the rules to allow for a speedier start to the conclave.

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George paraphrased St. Thomas Aquinas, saying he conclave should be slow in deliberation, but quick in decision-making.  No date is set for the start of the conclave, but it is widely expected to begin next week.

One of the problems facing the Cardinals is that most just don’t even know each other.  Benedict appointed more than half of them during his reign, meaning they’ve been in office 8 years or less with few opportunities to work together and get to know each other.

It also means that there is no front-runner who is known to all of the Cardinals. 

Meanwhile, the Swiss Guard has booted an imposter from the Vatican.  Ralph Napierski of Germany apparently decided he was “Bishop Basilius” from the non-existent “Italian Orthodox Church”.

Napierski mingled with the Cardinals and shook hands, but was recognized as a fake by his shoddy costume.